How You Will Benefit from OXID Going Open Source

When I first heard at internal meetings that OXID will go open source, it took me about three days to roughly realize, what actually it means to my company and to the whole open source eCommerce world out there.

I personally have been playing around and using open source software for a long time even before I went to OXID, worked with Linux Desktops, wrote my texts with OpenOffice and got familiar with other cart systems. I chum up to the idea of free software (referring to freedom, not to price) as an alternative esp. for personal and SMB use and began to understand how it may change the way to make business in the future.

I used to work for BMW tech support and at the network operation center of a local carrier when I decided two years ago, to apply for OXID’s support team. I am proud now to be part of the process of making the OXID eShop open source and to be personally involved in this process. You will probably find me pretty often at our OXID board 😉

Now what shall you expect? The OXID eShop is a highly scalable, outstanding and proven eCommerce tool of a great functionality, loads of out of the box features and state of the art SEO functionality.

Okay, OXID provides the code of the „Community Edition“ under the GPL from now on. Why do we do that, what is the benefit we get out of it? The answer is simple: We reach more people that use our software. The more people work with our software, the more feedback we get about the quality and about what is really needed. We will bring home the bacon with our still available commercial products and service.

At the end of the day I am glad to be part of this exciting step forward with our new version on the one hand and going OSS on the other hand and to actively participate in this process.

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