OXID eSales Best Solution Award 2008

In every year the Best Solution Award pays tribute to the best realization of shop-projects with OXID eShop!

We are really proud and happy, to present you the winners of the Best Solution Award for the categories OXID eShop Professional Edition, OXID eShop Enterprise Edition and OXID eShop special category.

Best Solution Award OXID eShop Professional Edition

And the winner is…..www.kuchenkurier.de

The idea of cake-on-demand was very persuasive. A real highlight is the cake-configurator, which allows the visitor to modulate his cake step by step with bow, package, greeting card, date of delivery etc.

The design is characterized by an accurate colouring. Beige, brown, orange – these colours bring up an association to cake, baking and bakehouse.

The perfect logistic and the soon delivery also were arguments for the kuchenkurier.de.

Every evening at 5 p.m. the baker gets the information, how many cakes he have to bake over night and also the logistic-partner knows, how many cakes he gets the following day from the baker, so the order can be handled really soon. But the most important reason, why kuchenkurier.de stands out of the crowd, is the real caring focusing on personalization of the products. Cake is no commodity. Cake is event-orientated.

Congratulations to shoptimax GmbH for this delicious idea!


Best Solution Award OXID eShop Enterprise Edition

And the winner is…..www.closed.de

The brilliant realization of cross-selling functionality and the perfect combination of 250 products were the main arguments for www.closed.de.

When viewing a product, the visitor is invited to complete the look. For example: if you choose a jacket, you will see directly, which trousers, shoes and shirts are in line with it.

Because of the broad information the shop assures best transparency. Size Charts, material- and care-information open up as pop up.

Also every product includes a direct link to additional- and forwarding charges.  

Background and design of the system elements are created cautious, so the fashion products come to the fore and the attention is focused on the essential.


The animated logo with illuminated advertising-effect is a pretty loosening element.

Congratulations to superReal digital media GmbH for realizing this ambitious shop-project!


Best Solution Award Special Category

And the winner is….www.knastladen.de!

At www.knastladen.de you get to buy products, manufactured by prisoners from 35 companys in 23 prisons of the land Nordrhein-Westfalen. Responsible Operator of www.knastladen.de is the prison Castrop-Rauxel. It´s the place, where the shop-catalogue gets structured, articles get placed and orders are taken. A main request is, that an own product offer can be admitted from every prison. On the other hand it is necessary to offer the product on one sales platform.

The technical coordination of the central shop with the 36 sub shops, the automated E-Mail Communication and all the other technical challenges were perfectly mastered by tro:net GmbH.



Daniel Lorig

Junior Marketing Manager

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