OXID Partnerday 2008 Plus a Half Night

Going to bed at 3 o’clock last night, after celebrating with our partners I feel unexpected good today!

Maybe this is up to our partnerday yesterday, which was a really amazing event.

Take a look at the slideshow at flickr.de!

More than hundred of our solution and strategic partnes visited us at Freiburg, Germany, where our headquarters reside, to hear about the latest OXID news, present

their solutions and doing intensive networking.

Roland Fesenmayr presented our prospective strategy with a lot of detailed information in his visionary and intoxicating way.

Afterwards we had an interesting discussion, which could clarify last questions.

The overview about the news concerning the partnerprogramm by Michael Benz the OXID Partnermanager was acclaimed by the audience.

He also presented the new partnerlevel “Solution Partner” which allows new partners to be able to start quick and easy working with OXID and presenting themselves.


After giving an overview about the new highlights of the new Release 4, I informed our partners in my update to the partnermarketing about the hows and whys concerning the new pricing of the OXID Enterprise and the Professional Edition, whereas we have all

actual modules included in the basic versions. The main part were the possibilities and tools how to work with the OXID

community, by using the blog, forum, contributing their modules or writing their expertise in the tutorials etc and

I think most of our partners are really interested in participating in the community. Some of them will focus on the

enterprise segment furthermore and will implement highly complex projects, but we can expect they will give support

by sharing their knowledge to some interesting points.

The finish of the morning slots was made by 11 partner in a quite sporty partners format: each of them got 5 minutes

to present their business focus and offers – after 5 minutes Daniel Lorig (Junior Marketing Manager) stroke the gong.

I didn’t imagine how much and valuable information they were able to present in this short time!

After the good and solid meal in OXID style we divided the afternoon in two parts.

In the marketing part a lot of our OXID eFire partners presented their services and the benefits by using the

integration in OXID eFire. We had top-class speakers from Webmiles, FactFinder, eBay, Heidelpay, Atriga, Ciao, Zoomio and Dresdner-Cetelem Kreditbank.








Wheras in the technology slot Ralf Trapp, our Technical Product Manager, gave a live presentation in how quick

and efficient we can act within our agile software developing process: from recognizing a bug, solving it,

testing it and releaseing it in an official new version.

One of the most import aspects for our partners is: they can use these testing methods too for being able to develop stable modules and –

this is the more important aspect – to be able to speed up the time to market for customer projects.

In the last technology slot with Erik Kort (Head of Development) we learned the basics of how to

develop modules and how to certify them. There will be a new seminar within the OXID academy where we get instruction about module

developing in a very detailed way.


Altogether I think we succeeded to enthuse our partners to go the next steps with us and to foster the OXID community.

The highlight of the evening in the Kagan Lounge – a nice club at the 18th floor wit surround view – was the

ceremony of the OXID Best Solution Award and I was very proud to present our top-class jury: Professor Wolfgang Maass from the University Furtwangen, Thomas Karst CEO Trusted Shops and Johannes Altmann from shoplupe!

Daniel did a real good job in announcing the winners! Read more in his posting.

And now we come back to the beginning of my text – the evening ended very late after lots of good talks, new ideas and some drinks.

But sometimes during the day yesterday I got touched by this great dynamic and atmosphere and I thougt

“wow, we have so great partners and it’s wonderful to watch them combining their ideas and businesses”.

I think we can say the whole eCommerce competence of Germany celebrated in the Kagan Lounge in Freiburg last night 😉

The only one who did a very great job too, but didn’t get his adequate credits was Elie our DJ – sorry for that Elie, but our partners

preferred to network all night long and nobody wanted to dance 😉
Andrea Seeger

Executive Board, Marketing Director

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