OXID at PHP Conference 2008

Back from the PHP Conference 2008 I would like to share some impressions with you. For me as a non-developer it’s always quite impressive.Not only the relaxed and concentrated atmosphere there, but also the concentration of interesting people from the PHP world, old friends and also new contacts.
Our slot was about “Extending an enterprise PHP shop solution”. Of course, because of the technical focus of the conference  it was our intention that Erik gets the main part. The agenda was a short explanation of the OXID eShop architecture and then to install a completely new eShop and to develop a complete module for it…. All this live on a virtual machine on Eriks notebook. So far so good… the problem was: After round about 15 minutes he was done with it 😉
Ok, it was not really a problem, because we filled the remaining 40 minutes with adapting some other shop-modules, cheating some social features of the shop  (not a good idea in real eCommerce life, Erik :-)), discussing about our agile development process and talking about code-contributions and module-certification…
My part was to point out the possibilities and opportunities in the relationship between OXID and the developer-community and of course also to break the current news about the OXID strategy.

And really, as I presented the chart we got some really warm and honest applause for being Open Source now. Thank you! It was another clear sign (after a completely exciting first day at all for us), that we are on a very good way with our strategy.
So far, my very short review of the conference day. I hope we will also read something from the developers-perspective the next days, when our guys/girl attending the conference are back :-).
For the start here a posting from Nils, who was also visiting our slot: http://www.phphatesme.com/archives/865



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