IPC Mainz

Finally having time after my visit to Mainz where I visited the International PHP Conference. The IPC has grown now to 5 days full of interesting sessions, workshops and discussions. It is getting bigger every year. If you are professionally interested in PHP, do visit this conference!

My session about “Extending an enterprise PHP shop solution” was received well. Want to know more? See Rolands blog post. In short, I liked the reaction of the session’s attendants. They really liked that we went open source 🙂 .

What I appreciate in these kind of conferences is that you get to know a lot of people who are professionally working with PHP. Not only the ones doing sessions but also other visitors. The times between sessions (and evenings) are equal important as the sessions themselves. Invaluable contacts can be made here.

My personal interest this time was to hear other people experiences with making and maintaining large scale websites (large as in _way_ over 100 servers). As we have also a SaaS product which is growing quiet fast, it’s my responsibility to prepare for the larger user base we soon will have. It’s not just adding hardware, you know 🙂 .

Hope to see you one day on IPC09 or another conference!

Erik Kort

Head of Technical Development

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