live presentation for OXID eShop and OXID eFire starts again

Hello everybody,

we are happy to inform you that as from December, 2nd on we will offer our live presentations for OXID eShop and OXID eFire again on a weekly basis.

But what does live presentation mean?

This type of presentation allows explaining our products by phone and parallel on screen. As an exceptional feature, we can make the presentation available for many customers at the same time, so a multiplications of cognitions is for sure.

Please register for joining the live presentation OXID eShop

All you need is one hour of time. Find out the most important functionalities of OXID eShop and feel free to ask your questions.

You prefer getting more information about the service platform OXID eFire?

Please register and you will participate

Expect everything about shop management and the advantages of central regulation of eCommerce services!

How does the comfortable control of any portlets just from one cockpit work? How is the transparent administration handled? You’re welcome to get your answers now!

Shouldn’t you be able to participate at the presentation day, you can simply register for next week’s presentation, as we do our live presentations on a weekly basis.

If there is no possibility for you to join any of the offered dates, please contact us and we will arrange date for an individual presentation.

Please note that the presentations named above will take place in German language. We will offer English live presentations soon. Please attend to our announcements.

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