OXID releases minor release of eCommerce software

German online retailers are very satisfied with 2008 Christmas sales.

We proudly come up with the new release of the OXID eShop. You may download the free Community Edition here:


Alternatively, you may want to patch your existing system from every revision of we released yet to the new version:


How to find the revision number you installed?

Fire up your browser and call http://www.your_shop.com/pkg.rev. If you do not get a number there, you have revision number 13895.

You will find an installation instruction here:


So what’s new?

With your help, we found and fixed some bugs that you might be interested in. Furthermore, we fixed some typos and „cosmetical“ stuff and removed unneeded code.

0000419: [Order processing] eShop doesn’t send emails via SMTP

0000379: [Admin area] Promotions cannot be de-activated

0000405: [Order processing] Registration email is sent although the user purchased without a registration

0000382: [PDF invoice] Wrong VAT in PDF-invoice for shipping costs

0000368: [VAT] Vat rates using decimals are not displyed correctly

0000386: [Admin area] Alternative templates for categories do not work

0000389: [Admin area] Horizontal scroll bar missing on variant editing

0000383: [Admin area] When „Automatic Save when changing Tabs“ is ON – user is loged out after tried to save settings in Admin

0000366: [Admin area] Upload of manufacturer icon does not work

0000412: [AJAX lists] if option for bidirectional crossselling is on, ajax list with assigned crossselling articles is displayed empty

0000397: [Order processing] Not possible to switch off gift wrapping

Please find the complete list in our bugtracking system which will be publically available from monday, Dec 8th on:


Furthermore, we added a couple of new features:

Custom language files: Now you can add custom files next to the lang.php file, name pattern is *lang.php and define $aLang array inside the file. This array will be included to general translation array.

Password generation has been refactored. Works with md5-hashes, including SALT encryption now.

Added missing SEO functionality for article admin part, where you can customize article SEO data for each category

Added unsubscribe from newsletter on newsletter subscription page.

Of course, we already work on the next update. For more information, please visit our blog and our forums.

And now, have fun with your new installation of OXID eShop!




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