OXID releases minor update of eCommerce software

Here is the second patch of the OXID eShop. You may download the free Community Edition here:

Alternatively, you may want to patch your existing system from a former revision to the new version:

How to find out the revision number of your shop?
Fire up your browser and call http://www.your_shop.com/pkg.rev. If you do not get a number there, you have revision number 13895.

You will find installation instructions within the package you download. The regular update manual available at our website will not cover all necessary steps this time, because the encryption of the user passwords has changed (see below). Please make sure you read the file named INSTALL contained in the package carefully.

So what’s new?
We fixed some minor bugs, amongst them:

0000441: [Files & Source code & Database] Variant prices are not inherited from father articles
0000418: [Order processing] if user registers via option 1 (2nd order step), payments displayed for him in order step3 are not correct
0000429: [Order processing] Total amonts are not recalculated when Shipping is changed for order in the admin
0000450: [Admin area] Price alert information mail sent to cust contains wrong regular price
0000426: [Admin area] Title is missing for option SHOP_SYSTEM_SHOP_LOCATION
0000458: [Files & Source code & Database] Start page doesn’t contain meta informations if big bargain offer is disabled.
0000456: [GUI & Navigation & Sorting] Tags are displayed even if assigned products are not active
0000457: [Products] It is not possible to buy variants
0000444: [Ratings & Reviews] rating doesn’t work
0000445: [Users] oxUser::getActiveUser is not overrideable

Please find the complete list in our bug tracking system:

Furthermore, we changed some methods:

  • oxUser::getActiveUser() and oxUser::getAdminUser() static methods are deprecated, please use loadActiveUser() and loadAdminUser() instead.
  • Changes in password encryption: We consistently use md5 hashes including SALT from now on. For conversion of old passwords, it is important to execute update.php!
  • License key handling has been changed. It might necessary to re-generate your serial number. You can do so by deleting and inserting your serial number in admin area again. In case you have more than one serial number, please delete and insert only the last one (lowest)

Of course, we already work on the next update. For more information,
please visit our blog and our forums.

And now, have fun with your new installation of OXID eShop!


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