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Latest since last week when the airbus made the spectacular emergency-landing in the hudson-river and the first pictures and messages reached the public worldwide just seconds after watering twitter is in everybodies mouth.

So, besides the fact that you of course will find many OXID employees twittering, we now also decided to start an offical twitter account ( to provide you with high-speed updates from the OXID world. And we are by far not the only ones in the E-Commerce universe out there: The popular german magazine internet world business ( startet twittering just 4 days ago, the usability experts shoplupe ( this morning. PHP magazine (, t3n (, excitingcommerce ( or iBusiness ( and many OXID partners and friends like trusted shops ( or Sinngemaess ( are already twittermaniacs.

So just signup (it’s free and just takes a few seconds) and stay connected with us. If you want to make it more comfortable you also can install a Twitter desktop-client. Personally i prefer twibble ( on my desktop (it can handle multiple accounts) and twitterfon on the iPhone.

But following OXID and friends is just one thing, we also want to hear and learn from you and take part in your E-Commerce life! You will also be not alone with that, but meet twittering online-retailers like Martina (, Dennis (, Michael ( or developers like Matthias from burda digital ( and Raju from Optaros ( who share their experiences and thoughts with us.

Look forward following you 🙂


also find many OXID employees twittering:

Andrea Seeger:

Caroline Helbing

Eric Jankowfsky

Ralf Trapp

or myself:

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