It’s code, not war

When following some of the discussions around the Magento import module included in the latest release of OXID eShop, you might be a bit surprised just as we are.

Shortly after we released OXID eShop under GPL, there was growing demand for functionality to safely migrate data from Magento. That’s why we have added some lines of code that enable better migration of data between the two shopping cart systems.

The Magento import module included in the latest release is a good thing, because it further empowers shop owners and gives them freedom of choice – and that’s what Open Source is about. Magento as well as OXID eShop source code is publicly available and that makes it much easier for anyone to build reliable tools for data migration.

Import/export modules are nothing new. There already exist dozens for OXID eShop to and from Open Source systems and also proprietary ones. Some of them are developed by the Community, some by partners and some also by the companies who back up such systems.

Of course, Varien is a competitor to OXID, just like other companies in the eCommerce world, e.g. Intershop or epages. With one difference:
Varien shares the same believe with us, that the Open Source way is the better way and that the future of eCommerce will be Open Source!

On that basis, we enjoy exchanging code and ideas with any Open Source project and company, be it competitors or partners.

Make code, not war!

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