OXID at Open Source Meets Business Congress 2009

Last week’s Open Source Meets Business in Nürnberg was the first major open source event in 2009 and certainly a true highlight of this years’ conference calendar.

Some days have passed now and gave us some time to absorb the new information gathered and also to reflect on the experiences and impressions this conference left on us.

In my previous blog post I already praised the selected choice of topics and international speakers. And in retrospective I can now add that the actual program really met the high expectations!

Andrea (@OXID_andrea), Roland (@OXID_Roland), Erik (@schrotty) and myself (@aelektron) have been present throughout all 3 days of conference, missing Ralf (@ralftrapp) and Marco (@marcosteinhaeus) who both fell ill right before the conference started and thus were unable to join us. 🙁

I guess I am also speaking on behalf of the other three when I tell you that it was really thrilling for us to represent new open-sourced OXID at this major event. We attended OSMB for the first time this year and you will certainly meet us again there in 2010.

If I had to choose three most compelling topics this would be my top three:

I was excited to see that the combination of SaaS and FOSS was unequivocally promoted as the perfect match and the future of software development. The more so as this is exactly where OXID is heading with SaaS eCommerce intelligence (OXID eFire) and FOSS shop system (OXID eShop Community Edition and our agile development methods)!

I also enjoyed very much being introduced to the “Linux scene”, who was quite present at OSMB, announcing and looking forward to LinuxTag in Berlin soon.

And finally OSMB conference to me felt like a kick-off to a new trend in the German market as it seemed to introduce a more elaborate approach on architectural topics like cloud computing that might be one of the major topics this year. At OSMB cloud computing seemed to be everywhere, literally, and I guess we may hear a lot more about it these next weeks and months.

Also, up there in Nürnberg at OSMB we got soaked into “participation culture” as for the first time all of us really tried to keep up with the conference’s pace via twitter: quickly and truthfully reporting the most outstanding thoughts among the great variety of remarkable talks presented, but also commenting on some joyful moments (winning the award!) and amusing incidents (blue screen and booting during a talk – and the subsequent convivial laughter the audience shared :)).

I thought it was rather impressive how bad-quality-cell-phone-pictures and a window of only 140 characters allow people to connect to each other!

I hear the charts of the talks and keynotes held at OSMB are supposed to be provided for free download at heise.de/events platform pretty soon. On the topic of community management and development I’d personally recommend the talks of Mozilla’s John Lilly and Jaspersoft’s José Morales as I regard both to be quite inspiring. And you might want to have a look at OXID twitterers (see above for their aliases) tweet history for their very personal impressions and illustrated memories.

All our OXID talks at OSMB also went really very well, and again to my compliments my OXID colleagues (Andrea, Erik, Roland) and to Holger Schuldt! I enjoyed all your presentations really very much (and so did the rest of the audience as far as I can tell 🙂 ). Well done!

Tuesday afternoon Andrea and Erik did a wonderful job presenting the latest generation of OXID eShop version 4. It was a nice mix of ecommerce market and practice -sketching e-tailers actual needs and showing how they are met by specific product features- and the technology behind the scenes – xtreme programming and two years of refactoring.

Right afterwards Roland presented once again the OXID business case during OSBA Investment Summit. The audience was mostly composed of OSBA jury members, and you can tell from OXID’s success in the Open Source Business Award (see below) that his talk didn’t miss the point. 😉

Wednesday afternoon long term successful OXID customer Holger Schuldt of Deicke Kirchenbedarf (www.deicke-kirchenbedarf.de) gave a very charismatic talk and deep insights

on how to run a successful long-tail online shop in a market segment that only partly and very slowly finds its way into online media and that is not all too well known to most of us: international online church retail! I particularly liked this very vivid and humorous speech (“When I started my business, my mother just commented: There certainly is a market as people die all along…” ) and this shop actually faces the same challenges as any fashion shop, the more so as he offers custom-tailored cassocks! Very instructive and refreshing, thanks a lot!

This short review of OXID staying at OSMB 2009 wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t at least mention (once again) that our company was awarded the first place in Open Source Business Award 2009!

For everybody at OXID working so hard to realize OXID’s ambitious plans in eCommerce solutions, software development and new open source strategy this certainly is the ultimate and most beautiful compliment, and we are all very proud and feel truly honored. To date many online and offline reviews have been published on the award ceremony and the winners (have a look at heise-online for example), so there is not really very much to add right now. Except for that we once again would like to congratulate the other two OSBA winners, Snowflake and Sopera! Their projects left us very impressed and in particular we are very happy to share the first prize with Sopera!

All participants at OSMB 2009 I talked to told me how very much they enjoyed this conference. It seems that literally everyone present these 3 days made very valuables contacts and I for myself can only emphasize that this conference was the most remarkable IT event in a long time.

Thanks for the interesting conversations and efficient meetings – it was a pleasure meeting you all.

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