Finally: celebrating OXID eShop

Like every working day we yesterday begun with stand up meeting where we talk about progress, issues we detected while working and what everybody is planning to do during the day. It’s called stand up meeting because we stand up. Really! This keeps the meeting in a natural way short as it’s pretty inconvenient. Everybody is really forced to tell the most important information. This team meeting takes usually 10 minutes, sometimes 15.

During the day everybody worked hard on OXID eShop v 4.1.0 so nothing special to tell about it. Business as usual related to OXID eShop :).

While team works on new release, I’m working on further improving support quality by educating and exercising with our support team. As we’re used to work in long distance it’s usually as I’d be in Freiburg. For sure, being at the teams you lead is needed time to time. But this is worth another post as soon I return from holidays at beginning of April.

For v4 celebration we left office precise at 6 pm to be at meeting point just in time. [deleted content]. As our motto is: „Motivated and relaxed people can do better work than exhausted staff.“  we try to find something special for relaxing and enjoying 🙂

Afterwards we went to a restaurant called „BERNELIŲ UŽEIGA“ where we spent some time for dinner and then the evening was closed by some beer in B.O. bar  (no, that’s not us on the video, but fits :D)

Tomorrow I’ll go back to germany after having again a good time with our eShop team in Lithuania. Hopefully I can find some internet hotspot to continue my blogseries.

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