6 days left to release of OXID eShop4.1.0. First preview

I returned after holidays, checked progress and OXID eShop team did an excellent job. OXID eShop is basically ready to ship. Just final finish is currently being done: Those things like final translations, QA is manual double checking for possible issues and similar.

We’ve also tested against PHP 5.2.9. This was pretty easy: Just installing PHP 5.2.9 and running tests. As expected, no errors appeared. But now we are sure that OXID eShop is compatible to PHP 5.2.9.

As we’ve introduced UTF8-Support which covers language files and database, it’s possible to choose at installation time if you plan to use UTF8


Installing OXID eShop with UTF-8


However, it’s also possible to switch after installation. In this case you have to use the instructions we provide and do it manually, instead of letting our installation procedure do the job.

Since a few releases OXID eShop checks at installation time if system requirements are matched. From OXID eShop 4.1.0 on, OXID eShop also checks system requirements and database collations when logging into admin.

Admin detects errors in requirements

You instantly become aware if something is not right. This is very useful if you move to another hoster or your server infrastructure was updated or changed.

Language handling was introduced into admin. See preview below. Now shop owner can handle languages far more easy than before. Adding and sorting languages is easy as never. Just add it and OXID eShop does the job.

Maintaining languages in OXID eShop

Regarding performance using many variants OXID eShop was accelerated much. On a standard developer’s machine (Windows XP, CPU 3 GHz, Pentium,
2 GB RAM) and a database containing 4500 products having 77500 variants we could reach the performance values below. In brackets values of OXID eShop

– Loading Start page: 1.5 sec (10.1 sec)
– Details page: 2,6 sec (10.5 sec)
– List page: 2.41 sec (10.49 sec)

I’m really looking forward to next Wednesday when we can release it :)!

Ralf Trapp
Head of technical product management

1 Antwort
  1. flatbeat says:

    Could you specify when 4.1 CE will be available for download today?

    It’s high noon now… 😉

    thx & regards


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