Cooking with OXID

Finally, I brought myself to start blogging!

From now on, every now and then, I am going to talk a bit about anecdotes,
stories, experiences, unbelievable occurrences or just nice things from my daily
OXID life. April 1st is probably the right date for it to begin. 🙂

When our office first got the request by our partner TWT concerning one
client, I was pretty surprised and had to look up what they actually offer
besides the known range of products. Through a bit of labyrinthine ways, I
finally found their assortment. Unfortunately, I can purchase single bags only
as a product package, but the idea of ordering „fix & frisch Chili con
Carne“ online is awesome! Things granny and grandpa had in their kitchen boards
can be found online in the category „pure nostalgia“. My personal preference is
the „kid’s node spoon“ – no wonder if your offspring is at the age of five

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