Major release 4.1.0-17976 of OXID eShop now available

Compared to the former updates it took a little bit longer, but now we proudly announce the availability of the major update package OXID eShop 4.1.0-17976.

Of course, we fixed a lot of bugs in this release (see our bug tracking system for details), but also integrated major changes and new features. Some examples: UTF-8 is fully supported from now on. We also completely re-arranged the language handling of the shop and improved the performance once again, especially for those of you who extensively use product variants.

Lots of contributions have been done via our bug tracker, and I would like to thank you for your ongoing support!

All packages you need to update your OXID eShop Community Edition to latest release 4.1.0-17976 can be found at

Additionally, which is probably pretty interesting for you, we switched the way of working with SVN a little bit: From now on, we will be able to provide so called „maintenance releases“ while working on new major releases. This makes it possible to publish bugfixes more frequently.

As we have a final release now, we can also finish the work and the tests on the importer scripts. In a few days, they will be available at

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  1. Machina non calculat says:

    Importer scripts for XT:Commerce and osCommerce
    As we have a
    final release now, we can finish the work and the tests on the importer
    scripts. Please find them in a few days ready to download on this

    For which versions will the importer work?

    I want to get rid of that those workaround(s) i produced last years Wink

    …i also want to know what will be migrated (articles, pictures, users, orders)… but i´ll find out soon…

    in a few days…,

    bevor easter would be great Cool




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