Softengine Frühlingsevent 2009

Last week I spent all of my working hours on the Softengine Roadshow (

We started in Salzburg (Austria) on Monday, 27th of April and toured around Austria and Germany. Invited were all BüroWARE Partners. All of the speakers have interfaces to the well known ERP Software BüroWARE. The tour began in Salzburg, stopped in Gera, Hannover, Düsseldorf and finally ended in Wiesbaden. Every day began with a trip to the following city, where every tour participant held his speech.

TIA Innovations ( for example gave a lecture on ATLAS, and its upcoming changes in German customs authority. Afterwards the BüroWARE Factory ( was introduced, as well as DocuWare ( – a worldwide operating document archiving solution. After every third speech a small break for “time2talk” was held.

After the first break the attendees learned about controlling appliances in its highest level, presented by PantaSol ( and InfoZoom ( Within the last quarter hour before the second pause smp Synergie ( spoke about commercial process optimization.

Directly afterwards the short refreshment it was up to me to give a speech. My main focus was about letting the BüroWARE Partners know how easy the sol:fusion interface ( can be installed and that we are proud to have such a good and long term business relationship. Also Mr. Helmut Dietz and Mrs. Corinna Müller – who attended and led the super-organized roadshow – highlighted the collaboration which already generated over 230 common projects. Furthermore they pointed out that BüroWARE users should also focus multi-channel solutions in the future, which means that they should consider doing eCommerce besides just having a retail store.

The last three lectures were about POS systems, from QUAD ( and VSD ( Finally Distribution² ( let us know about their TWIN motto (talk + win) with which they serve as central distributor for many BüroWARE partners’ interfaces. From there the (road)show was Mrs. Müller’s and Mr. Dietz’s turn. They gave a forecast to Softengine events in the future, strategic changes and other important stuff.

The most important part after all these dissertations was the collective dinner. From that point on networking began. I was proud to hear that many of the attending partners already knew OXID – and some of them even had already realized OXID projects. When all visitors had left the event the casual part of the day started and we – the speakers that travelled together for the whole roadshow – sat in a round and reviewed the funny stories of the day and learned how talented singers we had in our group. – I just say “Soschel Komörs” … and I am sure that every speaker has a little grin in his/her face. 😀

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