Collaboration Platform for Developing OXID Extensions

We are happy to announce a web-based project management and collaboration platform for developers of open source extensions and more for OXID eShop.

The collaboration platform is located at and provides a lot of useful tools available to each extension development project:

  • Mailing Lists
  • Surveys
  • Forums
  • Task Management
  • SVN/CVS-Support
  • FTP-Support
  • Documentation Management

For developing OXID eShop, we already have such systems in place and won’t switch to the new collaboration platform. Instead, all the built-in features on the platform are intended to work solely for your specific project. You – as a project owner – can decide yourself which features to use or not.

I used the word „project“ here, because it could mean very different things. Of course, the tool was originally made for complete software projects (including their modules and extensions) but it works just as well for language and localization packs, themes, off-line tools, interfaces,  and other extensions and optional modules. Also, it would be a great place to find patches or hacks before the official release.

When creating a new project, after approval, you will receive two e-mails. The first contains some instructions, the second is your project’s mailing list subscription notification. Be aware that creation of a URL for your project page (such as may take up to 24 hours to propagate through DNS (the Domain Name Service).

OXIDforge has now become a real collaboration platform. The clear advantage of this new functionality is it facilitates working in teams – work shared is work halved. Even if the developer of a module, for time or other reasons, cannot support his own module any longer, he could hand it over to another person from the community.

If you want  more visibility and awareness for your stable extension, you are welcome to upload it to the OXID eXchange application.

Please note that the collaboration platform is currently in beta. Should you encounter any problems, please file and issue.

As „collaboration platform“ obviously is much too long, we still search for a proper name for it like „dev-zone“. Do you have any suggestions? Please feel free to leave a comment, contact us via the dev-general mailing list or write to the forums.

OK, enough said. Feel free to register your project to start developing for OXID eShop on OXIDforge. The only criteria is that it must be under an Open Source license.

Let’s collaborate!

2 Antworten
  1. euroblaze says:

    Hello Marco

    Congratulations!  That’s amazing and should only help strengthen the product and community.

    Question: What are the qualification criteria for listing a project on

    Best wishes and keep up the great work!




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