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The client AG is a subsidiary of the German group, one of the leading mail order companies in Europe. The former Neckermann Versand AG successfully conquered the market  from its headquarters in St. Gallen, CH, where the Swiss Corporation was founded in 2003. Like its parent company in Germany, Neckermann in Switzerland also counts on the internet as the sales channel of the future.

The task

The new online store required a set up utilizing the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition and should have a similar layout to the German store. Another important part of the request catalog was the implementation of several e-commerce partners. Issues such as payment, tracking, content management, intelligent search, an ERP-system and online marketing had to be addressed.

The challenge

To fulfill the various special requests and ideas of the client, the system had to be extended by several modules. Another challenge was the huge variety of items and categories to be displayed in a user-friendly way.
For the Neckermann „Erlebniswelt“ and components, like a size-adviser tool or landing pages, many CMS extensions had to be made. Additionally, an automatic update of over 100K product data sets via the ERP System „Tradebyte“ to the eCommerce system had to be completed. Also, the connection to an ad-server to display the product teaser banners at the online store was quite unusual for an online store.

The solution

The complex challenges have been worked out together with the Shoplupe consulting team. Recommending modules and processes, Shoplupe focused on very innovative providers that can deal with the Neckermann’s complexity and dimension.

OXID eShop together with the FATCHIP-CMS module has a quite intuitive and fast usability and outstanding options for individualization.
The team has the possibility to set up its own sub-pages and to split them up with a separate menu hierarchy. The integration of several payment interfaces coded by FATCHIP allows the client to offer a large variety of payment methods including credit card and installment payment. For the integration of an intelligent and clear search function, the on-site search has been extended by the FACT-Finder portlet at the e-commerce platform OXID eFire. For the data exchange between the stock holding system „Tradebyte“ and the Neckermann specific system VIS for client and order data, a special XML interface has been developed. The modules developed for the storefront open up new possibilities in usability and guarantee a more comfortable and transparent shopping experience. Besides FACT-Finder’s search optimization, there are Econda, product proposals from Ireus, and product videos by Clipster and MagicZoom in use.

The time-to-market for the complete project took only three months. This was only possible due to the good co-operation in the team, the product management of FATCHIP and the easy adaptability of OXID eShop Enterprise Edition.

Dirk Gaffrontke, IT& Systeme ag, said, „Due to the enormous standard functionality and the wide palette of available modules of OXID eShop EE, FATCHIP, our implementation agency, could concentrate to the individual requests of such as specific payment modules for Switzerland.

We are confident that and others are well-positioned for future challenges in e-commerce due to the modular architecture of OXID eSales EE and the permanent development of the OXID community,“ he added.

„During the implementation of online store we were occupied with lots and lots of individual requests. Focusing on these extensions was possible only because of the modular concept of OXID eShop … ,“ Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Bahr, the CEO of FATCHIP GmbH said.


Martin Gittel, CEO at, said,

In the purview of the relaunch of our new online store, we hired Shoplupe for the concept, the consulting and the project management. Choosing this service provider, it was important to me that they were experienced in projects and e-commerce because of the considerable risks of a relaunch of this dimension and complexity.

The modus operandi of Shoplupe overall was very professional and immediately convinced me: extensive workshops, a professional concept and expert talks on a high level showed that complete professionals are at work. The project management was organized efficiently so that the project could be executed quickly. But the biggest advantage I see in the fact that Shoplupe namely took over the concept as well as the project management but the technical implementation could be conducted by any agency. Thus, the consulting is judicious and independent as the project management remains strict. The given budget was managed perfectly.

And the very best of all: the online store was done exactly according to the project plan and could be launched with the utmost precision.


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