Beta of OXID eShop version 4.5.0 Coming Before Christmas

Shortly before the holiday season, we will release OXID eShop 4.5.0 as a public beta version. Sort of a Christmas package for you 🙂

Sexy New Store Front

It will actually be a decoratively wrapped up Christmas package, because the beta will ship with a completely redesigned store front. Just take a look at the screenshot included in this post. Beautiful, isn’t it?

As examples, the new store front comes pre-equipped with two themes that contain theme specific options like „Set the cart left or right“, „Set the navigation to the top or left on your site“, and so on. From the administration panel, you can choose which theme you want to use and configure the options.

In a modern eCommerce front end such as in OXID eShop 4.5.0, you will have to use JavaScript. Especially in an online store where data may change on a simple input it is unnecessary to reload the complete page for getting
the result of your changes. We decided to use jQuery as the standard JavaScript library. Writing JavaScript code should be fun, shouldn’t it?

Modules and Themes Installer

Template and module developers can use yet another cool new feature for their modules: We prepared OXID eShop 4.5.0 perfectly for the future use of themes and a module installer. The aim is clear: download and install the module needed for your business case with a simple click. With the 4.5.0 beta, we will show the basis so you can get an imagination of how it will look like in the final version.

Also, we will provide detailed lessons of how to implement these themes and extensions as soon as possible.

Enhancements to Smarty Template System

Smarty as a template engine is proven and will further be used. Of course we were tempted to use Smarty3 as it has been beta for a long time and comes with some very nice features. We tested very meticulously and found some issues that deemed to be not good enough for OXID eShop 4.5.0. Primarily, the performance of Smarty3 was very bad. So we decided to go for Smarty2 – and implemented one of the most interesting features of Smarty3 into OXID eShop 4.5.0: the „template inheritance“.

Now we have the best of the two worlds: The reliability and performance of Smarty2 and Template inheritance of Smarty3. Also, we are prepared to easily switch to Smarty3 as soon as it is good enough.

Beta, so Handle With Care

The beta is intended for the developers community and our solution partners to check out new upcoming features. We invite you to have a close look at the beta and highly appreciate your valuable input!

It is explicitly not intended for productive use! There will also be no update or patch packages from older versions of OXID eShop and no update or patch packages from this beta version to a newer or stable one.

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