Artedona on OXID eShop

About Artedona:

Artedona offers private and business customers broad and upscale selection of products in the areas of tableware and home decoration. Artedona was founded in 1999 in Grasbrunn/Munich, Germany.

As an early mover Artedona launched an online shop ( already in 2000. Almoster after a decade Artedona decided to set up a new shop system on the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition. The existing shop software was no longer able to meet the requirements of high performance shop systems, especially in the field of search engine optimization.

Artedona made the decision to set up their new shop system with OXID eShop due to the modular architecture, which can be easily adapted to future needs of Artedona.

Highlights of Artedona on OXID eShop:

International taxation and net prices

The Artedona online shop is designed to handle international purchases for both private and business customers. OXID eShop was extended with the following functions by developers of Artedona:

-Automatic pricing for B2B and B2C (Price including and excluding tax)

-The multi-currency-modul calculates orders in Euros, U.S. dollars, British pounds or Swiss francs

-The shipping costs are calculated automatically based on the order and delivery address

-The “landed-cost” process considers national or regional taxation

Various methods of payment
The shop offers various method of payments such as credit cart, direct debit or payment in advance. The offered payment method is based on a sophisticated decision matrix (based on the order value).

Search Engine Optimization
Improved SEO allows Artedona to increase qualified site traffic and hence to acquire new customers worldwide, especially with the OXID eShop SEO:

-Permalink: is more meaningful and therefore optimized for search engines for instance:

-Canonical URL: helps to solve duplicate content issues and makes it easier to prevent tagged URL’s from being indexed.

SOAP Interface

The data exchange between third party systems and OXID eShop is guaranteed by the implementation of the SOAP interface. The bilateral interface coordinates an acurate and fast data exchange.

„The development of the whole project proceeded quickly, this was only possible due to the clean and transparent source code of the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition“, says Beyer (Executive Board, Artedona AG). Noteworthy the whole extensions, for instance the landed-cost process, were realsized by a 2-person development team of Artedona, without external experts.

Further reading:
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