The Feature Request Tool: A Module Writer’s Gold Mine

If you’re a programmer of OXID eShop extensions, you’re probably stuck for ideas sometimes. For all those moments, allow us to point you to our feature request tool, which we introduced over a year ago. It’s gathered a lot of ideas and votes from OXID eShop users, and it’s a great place to find new ideas and inspiration.

Of course, it’s OXID’s responsibility to work on the most wanted feature requests as well as to handle inquiries that concern core development of OXID eShop. But leaving these aside and reading carefully, you’re sure to find many entries that are specific to certain projects and can be easily integrated as modules or even as template extensions – for example, the request to „add rounding function for Swiss shops„. Each feature request is voted on by users, so it’s easy to see which feature requests are generating the most interest; this then becomes a list of exciting ideas for you to work on.

Once you’ve selected something to work on, you need to decide whether you want to collaborate with other coders and place the project under the GPL, or whether you wish to develop it independently and sell it under a commercial license. If you choose the former option, remember that you can use OXIDprojects as your collaborative development platform.

Once your module is complete, you can upload it to the OXID eXchange marketplace to give it better visibility. Regardless of whether you’re distributing it for free ot selling it under a commercial license, OXID eXchange will ensure that a large number of users will see your work. 

Finally, if you also want to contribute to the core, we’d be happy to hear from you, so please get in touch with us via the dev-general mailing list. And don’t forget to blog about your work as well. Remember, if you send us a related RSS feed and a nice picture of you, we’ll get your blog post published on OXID planet and on our Twitter stream and Facebook page.

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