OXID eSales Introduced to France at Salon E-Commerce Paris

In summer 2010, I visited France’s #1 e-commerce trade fair, Salon E-Commerce Paris, for the first time to get an impression about the French e-commerce market and to make some initial contacts. One year later, with the help of our friends at Vikapera, OXID was introduced to France with its own stand at Salon E-Commerce Paris 2011.

Apparently, we were in the right place at the right time, literally: our stand was between our competitors’ stands which were advertising their own shopping cart systems. To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the masses of interested people we were able to welcome at our booth. Besides casual visitors, many people – mostly Internet natives – already knew about us, thanks to blog posts by Ludovic Passamonti, isquarecube and Capitaine Ecommerce. Online merchants as well as implementation agencies specializing in e-commerce solutions were interested in learning more about OXID products and in talking to us personally. And of course, our POS multi-touch terminal was a perfect attention-grabber as well 🙂

OXID eSales France booth at Salon Ecommerce Paris: OXID eSales France booth at Salon Ecommerce Paris Roland Fesenmayr talking to Ludovic Passamonti at Salon Ecommerce Paris: Roland Fesenmayr talking to Ludovic Passamonti at Salon Ecommerce Paris

A short anecdote will give you the flavor of the event and help me wrap up this blog post. A visitor came up to our stand. Unfortunately, he didn’t speak any English and I only speak a little French, so Marie had to translate. He asked if OXID eShop was suitable to promote just one product. I said „Yes, of course. In general, it would work but the system would be a bit over-sized for this purpose, wouldn’t it?“. After some more French discussion, Marie turned around and chuckled. Then she told me what this one product is: „It is a little tool to help ladies to use urinals like men, just standing.“


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  1. chelsea20 says:

    Hi Marco
    I also seen this tool to help ladies to use urinals on Dragons Den, but i don’t think they give them a offer.
    United Kingdom


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