Hot Off the Press: Online Shops with OXID eShop

Picture of the cover of the German book "Online-Shops mit OXID eShop"On February 1, O’Reilly published the first book on OXID eShop, „Online Shops with OXID eShop“ by Dr. Roman Zenner. I was pleased to support him in this effort. In this book, we describe how OXID eShop can be installed, how product items are entered, how shipping and payment methods can be adjusted, and how the shop can be adapted to one’s own requirements. We also highlight aspects like marketing and social media, as well as how to connect OXID eShop to our e-commerce intelligence platform, OXID eFire.

The book is intended for ambitious online merchants who want to gain a basic understanding of OXID eShop usage. It imparts the knowledge needed for building a successful online business using a fictional online store, „Theo’s Pet Paradise“, as an example. Step by step, it leads users through the initial installation of OXID eShop and provides a crash course in using the standard front end and the admin area. In subsequent chapters, it builds up „Theo’s Pet Paradise“ into a complete online store that makes full use of OXID eShop’s features, together with the reader.

The book is available in German and can be purchased directly at O’Reilly’s Web site. And if you can’t wait until your order is delivered, we have prepared a downloadable PDF containing „Chapter 3: OXID crash course„, the entire table of contents and the index of the book for you to check out in the meanwhile. Take a look and see what you think!

4 Antworten
  1. Marzi says:


    I have made lots of search for english version of your book. Is there any chance for people like me to be able to read the english version in a near future?

    Kind regards,

    • Marco Steinhaeuser says:

      Hi Marzi,
      unfortunately there’s no English version of this book yet. I’ll be in Berlin this week and will meet somebody of O’Reilly to discuss some aspects of this option. Hold your fingers crossed 😉


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