OXID invites: A Community Project to Start in Halle on March 9th and 10th

In the last year, at our annual unconference accompanying OXID Commons, we already reported on the idea of developing a community driven admin 2.0 panel. This idea was followed by investigations into the client site and first rough drawings. Now, with the first developer meet-up this year in Hamburg, this topic came into swing again. We agreed on a kick-off meeting and coding event on March 9th and 10th which will take place in rooms in our branch office in Halle (Saale), Germany.

If you are interested, even from a distance, we’d be glad if you would join us! Or supporting this project, want to contribute in any other way. For example, we already have got some care packages for the coders 🙂 Please feel free to register yourself on the event’s wiki page on OXIDforge.

See you there!

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