Recap of Admin2.0 Hackaton

In our last blog post, we announced a special community event: a kick-off meeting for starting coding on a new admin panel. In all roundabout 10 interested developers from the community, from our partner network and also from shop owners came together in rooms in our branch office in Halle (Saale), Germany.

@Tobias writes in his German blog post:

“From the get go on Thursday evening, we were talking about, in a cozy atmosphere, the first common issues. The entire Friday was needed for working on the concept of the project so that the first lines of code could be written on Saturday.

In general, the new admin panel shall be so encapsulated that it can be used in parallel to other possible admin panels. As a basis for this, a REST API will be used so that even other applications have the possibility to pull or push data from and to the shop in a standardized format (JSON, XML, CSV etc).

After we planned this concept together, we split up into two groups, one for the admin front end (Rafael [HEINER DIRECT], Dennis [] Simone [marmalade], Rüdiger [GN2-Netzwerk]), and one for the REST API backend (Joscha [marmalade], Dave [GN2-Netzwerk], Daniel [Mayflower], Stefan [Mayflower], Tobias [shoptimax]). Not to forget the “hands by remote” (Kristian [D3], Ray [Haller Stahlwaren] -> Thanks for the care package!)
The result already looks good, and the present state can be seen at github.”

OXID Hackaton March 9th/10th: OXID Hackaton March 9th/10th

Of course, the development process continued after the event. In the meantime, the basis of the REST server is finished and all data from the oxarticle object can be called up. The authentication routine is nearly finished, and only token support is missing, but it will be done soon.

We applied for open source support at Atlassian and thankfully got a Jira + Confluence account. Also, there will be a server for the quality assurance with a Jenkins installation to check the status of the coding style and PHPunit tests.

In our last conference call on Monday evening this week, we agreed on how to share the upcoming tasks. Most likely, there will be another face-to-face meeting on the eve of OXID Commons 2012.

Stay tuned. If you want to get in touch with the team, please register to the mailing list or register yourself to the Jira account. Of course, any help would be appreciated 😉

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