OXID eShop: Update Cycles and Maintenance Releases

In a couple of weeks we will release OXID eShop version 4.6.0. Thanks to our proven Open Source development and beta testing process this release will be in time and built to highest quality standards.

However, starting with the release of version 4.6.0 we will introduce some slight changes in the update cycles. This will make the update process easier and clearer for everybody. We will also expand our maintenance activities for previous versions of OXID eShop.


There will be three different kinds of releases:

  • Major releases: Upgrades OXID eShop to a new version number, e.g. 4.0 or 5.0
  • Minor releases: Updates the current major release, e.g. 4.6 or 5.1
  • Patch: Indicates the stage of development for current minor release, e.g. 4.6.1 or 4.5.8


As with previous version of OXID eShop you will continue to get a monthly patch that fixes known bugs for the current minor release. Extending our maintenance activities, from now on we will also supply patches for the previous version (X.X-1). But patches for previous versions will be released only when needed and not a regular basis. They will not contain any new or additional features.

As usual, you will have two possibilities to update: You can either download the full release or you can generate a cumulative package. Just pick your current version and you will get one package that will automatically do a complete update to the newest version of OXID eShop for you.

Keep your system up to date

Every release will be compatible with PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3.

For optimal functionality of OXID eShop and its extensions we recommend regular updates and always using the latest versions. We also recommend working with a test and staging system at all times.

Update cycles

The next major release will be 5.0, coming this summer. About a quarter of a year later we will supply you with the first minor release 5.1.

For the upcoming major releases we aim to get them out around the beginning of each year. The first minor release will follow early in the year, so our customers have enough time to update their shops and go into the Christmas trade with a smoothly running OXID eShop.

2 Antworten
  1. OSguard says:

    Gratulation for this needed step. But i think for „enterprice“ it is better to have support in time periods, like: „we will support this version for 1 year“ than you can better plan your updates, updates cost time and money, you have it in your project plan.

    As well i prefer „Long Term Support“ (LTS), i think 3 years would be greate. I dont need the latest feature i need a stable framework for personal and customisable eCommerce sites. Dont border me with „use the lattest Version“.

    What are the plans for PHP 5.4 support?

  2. Erik Kort says:

    OXID eShop version 4.6 is tested and running with PHP 5.4. However, there might be issues with the Zend Guard Loader for Professional and Enterprise Edition. As far as we know, there’s no Zend Guard Loader for PHP 5.4 available yet.

    Long term support is a neat idea and we would love to maintain OXID eShop for the last 10 years but as you can imagine, this is basically a matter of resources. That’s why, at this point, we support the latest two versions.


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