Now Available: OXID eShop Version 4.6.0 Beta 3

A few days ago, we published another OXID eShop beta version in which we were mostly working on feature completions according to our roadmap. Are you astonished about the version number beta3? Well, the first beta release hasn’t been published and beta2 was simply called “beta”. Now there is another public version available for download. Please feel free to check it out, especially the new features “Downloadable Products” and “Rich Snippets with RDFa and GoodRelations” and submit your opinion to the usual channels (forums or dev-general mailing list).

Module and template developers might be more interested in the new extension handling and the built in template documentation via $this->iDebug=8 in Please also take a look at the download section on OXIDforge where the core developers will submit all important changes and draft explanations during the development process.

Additionally, we implemented a credits page that shall be available in all shops under It is requested that this CMS page, that works independent from the language, not be removed in accordance with GPLv3 FAQ and in honor of code contributors. Of course, you are allowed to remove the link to it in the footer section.

Due to reasons of administration we had to remove French as a third language from this beta version. We would like to assert that we are working hard to make sure French will again become part of the final distribution of OXID eShop version 4.6.0.

Alright, now have fun checking the new beta. If you don’t want to install it, you could have a first glance at it in the demo installation.

Once again: please do not use any beta version in a business critical environment on your live system. We will not provide update patches to or from this version nor tell you how to remove the orange welcome banner 🙂

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