OXID Commons 2012 Coming Soon!

OXID Commons 2012

The fourth-annual community day and ecommerce conference will be held at the Trade Fair in Freiburg (Breisgau), Germany on May 24th and 25th offering a great opportunity to meet online merchants, agencies, developers, service providers and of course, the OXID staff 🙂

Thank you all for the many presentation submissions. Many of them were accepted and promise an entertaining schedule, packed with specialist talks on all the colorful topics we have surrounding e-commerce. The schedule for OXID Commons 2012 is presently about to be put together and will be published on our website as soon as possible.

Our thanks also goes to more than 40 exhibitors and sponsors for empowering this day. You can personally contact most of them and other service providers at their stands in the trade fair area – the entry for visitors is free.

For the first time we promise the OXID Best Solution Award in five distinguished categories. Shop owners as well as partner agencies could take part and we received many submissions for it. Not an easy choice for the poor guys in the jury 😉

There will be a Get Together in the evening where you can recap the day and do some networking.

Already over 500 people registered for OXID Commons, not too many tickets left. Hurry up and still be able to get your ticket today!

Please also don’t miss out by not participating in OXID Unconference for developers on May 25th. OXID Unconference is entirely free but requires pre-registration by adding yourself to the list of attendees.

See you at OXID Commons 2012!

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