OXID eShop Version 4.6.0 Released

By the end of last week, we proudly published the final release of OXID eShop version 4.6.0 providing a bunch of new and useful features such as downloadable products, RDFa support as well as improvements under the hood for module handling, and another performance boost.

Downloadable Products
The shop owner, with downloadable products, can offer for example software, photographs, mp3s or document templates. A client purchasing such a type of downloadable product, obtains the associated files. This functionality allows many different business models such as download platforms or App-stores. Even mixed shopping carts containing physical as well as downloadable products are possible.

OXID goes semantic web with RDFa and GoodRelations
With Rich Snippets, based on RDFa and the vocabulary from GoodRelations, data on pages will be allocated in a well-structured format for machines such as search engine robots. We are concerned with the fact that search engines should appreciate it – maybe with a better ranking? 🙂

Improved module handling
There’s now an extended menu called “Extensions”, containing themes and modules. The shop automatically lists all installed modules here. A standardized meta file will provide all relevant details and options of the modules. Please note that you have to explicitly activate older modules that you have already installed. Nevertheless, they shall work properly with the new system.

Increased Performance
The performance of OXID eShop could be increased significantly in high load scenarios by reducing SQL queries, fine tuning of the caching mechanism and other code optimizations.

Although we have released OXID eShop version 4.6.0, we will continue maintaining version 4.5 with patches for bugs marked as important, while in parallel we will release patches for 4.6 as usual. i.e. that there will be a version 4.5.11 and most likely a 4.5.12, while you for sure can also expect patches 4.6.1, 4.6.2 etc…

Please note, that we couldn’t deliver 4.6.0 with French as a third language like promised. Instead, you can download the language files needed for the storefront and the admin interface from the translation tool. Please log in here using „guest“ as user and password.

If you want to dig a bit deeper into technical details, at our release page on OXID forge.

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