10 Essentials for Mobile Commerce

2012 is the year of mobile commerce, figures of PayPal and Google prove, that you as a retailer, will lose customers to your competitors if you’ll not provide your online shop on smartphones.

In the next weeks I will publish a series of essential facts and hints that you’ll have to take in account for your mobile commerce strategy.

Today we start with points 1, 2 and 3.

1. Don’t treat the touchpoint mobile isolated

The most common mistake of many retailer is, that they treat the touchpoint mobile isolated, like a channel. You cannot decide whether or not developing a mobile commerce strategy on the fact that the mobile touchpoint itself will not generate enough turnover to get the right ROI. The touchpoint mobile is not isolated, it is the connection, the bridge between the offline world with its brick and mortar stores and the online world with the online flagship shops. There is a known recent study from search giant Google which says that 37% of customers search for information via the mobile touchpoint before they buy online. Even more customers (47%) search for information mobile before they buy in a retail store.
These numbers underscore the relevance of the mobile touchpoint even today. Nobody knows were the market will be in the nearest future, but all forecasts and projections pinpoint to a rosy future. The touchpoint mobile will play a major role in future commerce strategies of multi-touchpoint retailer.

2. Create a value added for your customer

Don’t start your mobile activities without knowing the goal of these activities. Create a strategy to integrate the mobile touchpoint in your commerce strategy. The overall goal should be to create a value added for your customer. Why should they download an app or visit your mobile optimized online shop? Now you’re probably asking yourself how to do this?! Read on and you’ll hopefully know more.

3. Connect the different touchpoints

In order to create a value added you have to connect the different touchpoints. To manifest its strength, mobile and all the other touchpoints have to be interconnected in various ways: Persistent baskets over different devices. Single-sign-on over all devices and touchpoints. Possibility for the customer to return online or mobile purchased products in a brick and mortar store. One central stock for all touchpoints. Following this, a connected POS cash register system. And so on and so on. The most difficult task in connecting the touchpoints is, to align all IT processes. All systems have to be intermeshed seamlessly and have to communicate with each other. At the same time the customer must not recognize these hilarious complex backend-processes, for them it have to be simple to do the things they want to do, no matter at which touchpoint and what time!

I hope you found it helpful for your business and I would appreciate it if you spread the word over the social media channels.

Stay tuned for the next part of the series!

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  1. Sally Bretton says:

    A wonderful blog! I am surely going to wait for the next part of this blog. Even till this day there are many companies, which do not have their mobile websites. This should be taken care of as soon as possible, since people find it very easy to use their phones for online shopping purposes, rather than using their computers.


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