1 of 3 Germans uses the smartphone for shopping

10 Essentials for Mobile Commerce – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our blog series about Mobile Commerce Essentials. In this part you’ll learn how important it is to use the particular advantages of a smartphone, which role the promotion plays for the app itself and why the mobile checkout is the backbone of mobile commerce.

Enjoy the read and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

4. Use the advantages of a smartphone1 of 3 Germans uses the smartphone for shopping

The second important variable in creating a value added is to make use of the specific advantages of a smartphone. You can implement a location based service, which recognizes when a customer is approaching your local store and send this specific customer a push notification with a special, time limited deal in the store. You can just implement a store finder which make use of the geolocation features of the smartphone. You can even connect both of the two by sending a push notification with a special deal and navigate the customer to the next local store. You could make use of the camera of a smartphone to make barcode and QR Code scanning possible. Integrate QR Codes into your print ads at high volume traffic places like central stations and let customer scan the code to head directly to the product. Offer special mobile coupons which a customer can redeem by visiting your brick and mortar store. Another possibility for the use of the advantages of a smartphone is the use of augmented reality. Schössmetall, an OXID customer, provides in its mobile app a feature, which lets the customer take a picture of a door and then mount virtual a new door handle from the product range of Schössmetall (you can test this feature by visiting the App Store and download the app here). There are many ways to explore the advantages of smartphones, an by using them you create instantly value added to your customer.

5. Bring your mobile activities to light

Okay, the App Store and the Play Store are great distribution channels for your apps. You can reach millions of users through it. Big brands like adidas, Nike or Hugo Boss would have no problem to spread the app on a huge amount of devices. But most of the retailers haven’t got such a strong brand. They need to make the mobile app known by advertising at other touchpoints such as the online shop and their retail stores. There are so many ideas how to reach a substantial amount of downloads: give hints on your cash slips, your invoices, your print ads, your flyers, your business cards, virtually everywhere you get in contact with potential customers, integrate a prominent link directly to the App Store in your online shop and so on and so forth. Let your customer know about your amazing applications in the different marketplaces.

6. Checkout is the mobile backbone

The checkout is known as a substantial and critical part in every online shop. There are complete research studies just about this one topic, recently the Smashing Magazine published the findings of its own research in their blog. This fact is also valid for your mobile app. It’s even more substantial and more critical. Why? Because of the smaller screen size. The established 5-step-checkout-process from online shops should better be a 3-step-process in your mobile app. Make it as easy as you can imagine for your customer to buy your products at the mobile touchpoint. Make the whole process transparent and let customers switch back and forth in the different steps. Implement little helpers such as an address autocomplete service. Remember, the checkout is the mobile backbone!

Stay tuned for the next part of the series.

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