OXID projects moved to GitHub

OXID projects, previously hosted on http://projects.oxidforge.org, using FusionForge as a platform software, moved to GitHub.

GitHub is a much more powerful platform than the previous OXID projects ever could be. Also, it provides some nice social and viral features to collaborate even beyond the OXID orbit. The pull request and forking features allow easy collaboration, while keeping your own development infrastructure. GitHub is easy to use and even knows SVN commands 🙂

All projects have been moved, incl. their README files (and/or descriptions), plus a remark regarding when and by whom the project originally was registered. If you recognize that something doesn’t fit, just leave a comment on this blog post – or pull request a change on GitHub.

All previous project URLs have been permanently redirected to their new GitHub location. Additionally, on http://projects.oxidforge.org we created a landing page with some information about why we moved and what are your benefits and advantages. Also, we highlight some interesting projects, exchanging them from time to time on this landing page. If you have some ideas for other interesting projects or plan to start a new project, please let us know.

Hope you like GitHub as much as we do.

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