OXID User Group North Rhine-Westphalia is Alive and Kicking Bits Around like Balls.

OXID UG LogoIn the first half of 2012, hot on the heels of OXID Commons, I announced the establishment of the OXID user group North Rhine-Westphalia in Essen, Germany. In the meantime, six meetings have been held, and the upcoming one has recently been scheduled for January 22nd. I had the chance to attend two of them and was really astonished about the agility, the sincerity with which people were working from the very first hour and the success of this event format.

On the specially installed website the initiators say:

“The meetings are really outstanding. The people are interesting and their opinions are at least as manifold as the issues and resolutions.”

In the last half year partners, freelancers and ambitious online merchants had hearty exchanges on topics like B2B, SOLR integration, TOXID, performance hacks and responsive web design. If you are interested, you may download all available meeting minutes as a PDF in German from here:

It is not only about healthy debate, we also got some really fully elaborated concepts as a solid basis for a discussion about new development tasks. We’d like to say thank you to you all for this fantastic job!

If you’re interested in founding an OXID user group in your own region, please use the contact form. Christian Lehmann will be happy to assist you with installation of your own site on oxid-ug.de. You may also want to join the oxid-ug mailing list if you’re intrigued to know more.

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