OXID eShop Mobile Theme Published

OXID eShop mobile themeThe stats of the development of mobile commerce tell us the story: due to the constant spread of mobile devices, more and more prospective clients spend time on the road doing Internet research or even place orders. Your OXID eShop is ready for this trend, with our free from costs OXID eShop mobile theme.

This mobile theme can be easily and quickly installed. The provided theme switch recognizes and delivers the mobile theme in the case of a mobile device (can be configured) or the usual browser agent bringing up the regular theme of the shop. The mobile theme’s usability has explicitly been optimized for usage with smart phones, starting from the basic layout through the navigation elements, and up to the displayed texts. PayPal is preinstalled as a payment method and will work out-of-the-box if you already use the Portlet PayPal-Module. Thanks to the usage of Twitter Bootstrap, this theme is ready to become a responsive design. We also used “LESS“ for an easy adaptability of the theme’s design to your own requirements.

In this package you’ll find a documentation that might help you to understand how to enhance this theme. Both extensions, theme switch as well as mobile theme, are distributed under the free and open source license GPLv3 and can be used for OXID eShops of all editions.

Download your free copy of OXID eShop mobile theme today and make your OXID eShop ready for the future. If you find any bugs, we appreciate if you felt free to either contribute fixes on GitHub or use the bug tracker for OXID eShop mobile theme.

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