OXID eShop Version 5.1/4.8 Beta Released

Ina El-KhadiWe are nearly finished with developing OXID eShop version 5.1 (Enterprise Edition) and version 4.8 (Professional and Community Edition) and would like to invite you to beta test the changes we have made.

You might have noticed during the last few months that we are about to consolidate the software kernel, clean it up where possible, create a more solid infrastructure and make it easier to develop your own extensions.

Here is what has been changed basically:


Widgets have been introduced in OXID eShop version 4.7 and can be loaded everywhere you want in your website layout. They can load content regardless of whether a specific variable is available on this page or not. Now we added 33% more of them to enable a higher performance if using varnish and a more flexible development with widgets.

Diagnostics tool
In the service area of the admin panel we added a tool for diagnostics including the formerly known “oxchkversion”. This tool collects relevant information about the shop installation and the server and might be helpful before and after updating, for installing modules or trouble-shooting.

Streamlined language files
The files with the language keys have been significantly streamlined (at least for the front end) to reduce the number of the keys. So we removed duplicate entries, reduced the usage of language key mapping to zero (the functionality is still there) and introduced solutions for the efficient usage of suffixes such as colons and arguments. We will also provide a tool for scanning your template files for old language keys and turning them into the new ones.

The classical direct debit will expire on February 1st, 2014 and will be replaced by the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) procedure. For this reason, bank accounts received an IBAN and a BIC code for international money transfer. From OXID eShop version 4.8/5.1 on, these codes will be validated in addition to the legacy bank account codes.

Additional messages in the fourth checkout step
In the fourth checkout step, we added two additional messages: The foreign purchaser will be pointed to the fact that an additional fee could be demanded by the customs service; for those who choose cash on delivery as a payment service the message will appear that the messenger might demand an extra fee.

If you’re interested in more details please turn to this page on OXIDforge wiki that will be supplemented step-by-step during the beta phase

This beta release is a feature freeze: during the beta phase we will only work on possible bugs.

As always for a beta version: be careful with using it as it is not intended to be used in productive mode. Also, there will not be any update scripts to or from this beta version.

Please download OXID eShop version 4.8 beta from OXID eXchange. By clicking on “Download additional file” you’ll receive an SQL script for updating your existing database to this beta version in order to check your system including all product items, categories, settings etc.

Thanks in advance, we’re looking forward to your feedback!

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