Due to the Consumer Right Directive: New Releases Ahead

VRRL 2014On 31st March this year we informed you in a German blog post about the new Consumer Right Directive that becomes operative on 13th June.

The necessary changes in OXID eShop announced in this blog post will be released on Wednesday, 4th June with the release number 4.8.6/5.1.6. Especially in order to meet the legal requirements, we included changes in the database (one additional field in oxarticles) and at the template files for the store front in this release. The same statement is valid for the next patch of series 4.7/5.0 that we’ll publish on 10th June.

All of the planned changes have been checked by our partner Trusted Shops so OXID eShop is still pre-certified within the changed legal situation.

Additionally, during the next week, we will publish a technical documentation on how to implement these changes into no longer supported older shop versions. Further, we’ll shortly update the mobile theme as well as the ERP interface.

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