OXID Commons 2014 – The E-Commerce networking event, 22./23 May 2014

OXID CommonsWe are already up to the 6th OXID commons! Meanwhile we invite online traders, shop operators, partner agencies, strategic partners, platform partners and all who are into E-Commerce.

Date: 22nd May 2014
Entry: from 8:00 a.m.
Venue: Messe Freiburg (Freiburg trade fair)

What awaits us is a comprehensive program with parallel running thematic channels of current Strategy & Business, and Technology relevant to our field. New to 2014 small workshops will be held for us, as well as highlighted for discussion are broad and in-depth up-to-date themes. This year the key points of the Business Channels are Crosschannel Commerce, Customer Centricity, Market Strategy, B2B Commerce and Frontend. The technology channel focuses on Shop performance, Integration and Customizing. Workshops about Cross border trade, Shop usability, Legal queries concerning commercial open source Licensing, likewise the changes to E-Commerce regulations brought into play from 2014 round off the program.

Among others, we look forward to hearing from the experts in our field Jochen Krisch (Exciting Commerce), Dr. Roman Zenner (wasmitweb.de), Malte Wilkes (Erfolgsketten Management Wilkes Stange GbR), Johannes Altmann (Shoplupe GmbH), Thomas Lohner (SysEleven GmbH), Kore Nordmann (Qafoo GmbH), Lars Jankowfsky (NFQ.COM) and Philip Schneider (superReal GmbH).

Likewise representatives from Unilever Food Solution, medi GmbH, LODEN-FREY, Murrelektronik, babymarkt.de, design3000 and many more will show us successful avenues of E-Commerce-Business.

Further program info, and info on all speakers can be found at http://oxid-commons.com in a short time.

We will already award the „GOLDEN CART“ for the 9th time for outstanding shop solutions in five categories. Especially judged along with this will be holistic solutions in total performance and innovation, as well as the complexity of challenges of project implantation.

As many as 70 Exhibitors and Sponsors will again be there this year, and representatives of the complete E-Commerce supply chain from payment, expert searching and hosting to date management and logistics etc. In advance a big thank you to you all.

After an eventful day with expert talks, thrilling discussions, new contacts met, and informative workshops we will again celebrate with the OXID Commons party, including a Live Band, D.J. BBQ and tasty cocktails.
We invite all developers and techie-aficionados to the OXID Unconference also in Freiburg trade fair. What always goes hand in hand with an Unconference on the first day the events be put together by us. We are of course open to any suggestions. In order to be able to plan the events better we kindly ask for advance registration, note that a brief talk description can be directly submitted.

Please use the Hashtag #oxcom14 when sending tweets.

We look forward to an excellent event!

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