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The coding style guidelines of a project are important to know if you develop extensions for it and want to claim they have high quality coding. Generally said, coding standards help to improve the readability and the maintenance (time) of any project. Also, programmers should understand the code more quickly and thoroughly.

With the latest release of OXID eShop series 4.9 and 5.2 we introduced the first steps towards the PSR coding standard in order to standardize OXID eShop as a web application even more, and to enforce the interoperability, esp. for libraries etc.

As promised before we finally can publish a documentation and helpful tools such as adapted files for PHP CodeSniffer rules to fit with OXID eShop standards as well as a PhpStorm auto formatter file.

Please be aware of how highly appreciative we would be if you were to follow these coding standards when contributing to the OXID eShop project.

If you have any queries about this topic, please feel free to ask on the developer mailing list.

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Marco SteinhäuserIn e-commerce since 2000, working for OXID eSales since 2006 starting at support dept, taking care about OXID’s community management since October 2008. Father of three boys, passionate about i18n, l10n, guitar playing and archery. Get in touch.

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