Ina El-Kadhi, OXID Head of Development

Salutations from the Development team

On the pulse: the 4.9/5.2 of OXID eShop final release is fresh out on the market. We want to bring up two crucial points from our developers perspective relating to our new product. Firstly, we have continued to work on improving the performance and could achieve enhancements comparative to Version 5.1. Likewise we have been successful in adapting the multi-client capabilities, so there is right now the possibility of creating over a 1,000 subshops per mastershop.
The performance of the multishop concept is clearly better than what went before. As evidence measurements and key figures from a performance and quality report will yet again be published at post release.

Step by Step remain State of the Art
What remains true about the program from OXID: a lean core with exemplary performance, quality, scalability, upgradability, and adaptability. Of course our customers, partners, and developers remain central to our thinking with the timely phasing out of changes like the legacy modules, and offering support for the transference process. Along with the Release 4.9/5.2 comes the OXID Software Development Kit Part 2 with Coding Guidelines (PSR), so that proprietary development with the same standards as OXID software can be written and base quality security implemented. We would like to take this opportunity to thank for the contributions. Some of them such as the improved Carrier-Tracking could be merged into OXID eShop.

Prior/post release – same game
For us in the development team it goes on with becoming a good deal closer to the next step, so we can implement the new admin at the basis of Symfony to the years end.

Find out more about the current OXID eShop Version in the release notes on OXIDforge.

Ina El-Kahdi, OXID Head of DevelopmentAuthor
Ina El-Kadhi has learnt all the facets of software development first hand, with her 15 years diverse experience in the business field as developer, chief software architect, (agile) team leader, requirements engineer, product manager up to contributing member of senior management. A qualified Scrum Product Owner and Master, Head of Development at OXID repsonsible for all core platform products.

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