changing patch release cycles for OXID eShop

Changing Cycles of the Patch Releases

changing patch release cycles for OXID eShopMost likely you are used to getting patch releases (e.g. OXID eShop v4.9.1 -> OXID eShop v4.9.2) once a month, usually announced on last Tuesday or Wednesday of a month.

For every party involved there’s a lot of work to do, during the release as well as for patching your shop installation etc. For this reason we surveyed, and as a result found out that nearly nobody takes really every step, most users and clients skip two, three or even more versions – so we got full approval from the requested persons.

That’s why we decided to release patches only quarterly instead of monthly, with one exception: we’ll keep open the option to release a patch at any time within this quarter in case we have to release a bug with a high severity, a security fix or something similar. In this case, the patches will be numbered consecutively, no hotfixes or any other disturbing stuff to expect.

As we shortly released OXID eShop versions 4.9.2 and 5.2.2, and the next patch releases are already planned for the end of January, we will start with the quarterly patch releases afterwards (by end of April 2015).

Hope all of you are okay with it. In case of any questions we’ll be happy to answer them in the comments of this blog post or in the usual channels.

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  1. Szilagyi says:

    Great news. Most shop owners ignored the month updates, and consequently in lack of a constants schedule threy ignored most updates alltogether.
    Having a manageable schedule brings new perspectives in keeping our shops up-to-date.


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