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OXID eShop 6.0 beta release – Now available for download and testing

OXID eShop 6.0 (CE, PE, EE) beta information

The final release of OXID eShop 6.0 is scheduled for Q2 of 2017. As OXID eShop 6.0 provides a larger set of changes compared to previous versions, we now start our beta testing period rather early. Like that, we have enough time for a lively feedback process, for extensions to be adapted and to eliminate possible bugs. As for every beta, we do not recommend its use in productive mode.

The beta is shipped with the OXID eShop core, the Composer plugin and the Flow theme front end. The Azure Theme is also included for backward compatibility. The beta is not shipped with any other extensions such as payment providers for example. The OXID eShop 6.0 beta should basically be used to try out the new installation routine, to check out the changes and to adapt modules and extension to be compatible with the new code base.

OXID eShop 6.0 identity

The version 6 is an evolution based on the 5.3. While 5.3 delivered some feature highlights like the Flow theme or the Visual CMS, the focus of 6.0 is set on major work under the hood – refactoring. Every larger framework from time to time needs some care where things are cleaned up, fixed, renewed or replaced to gain speed and to open up perspectives for innovation.

An OXID solution always is a composition of tools from the OXID eco system. Therefore backward compatibility is one of OXID’s highest requirements, which is why refactoring processes are a really tough challenge. We are proud to say that we came up with great solutions to realize backward compatibility besides many architectural changes. The refactoring of larger parts of the application was based on the motto of modernizing the framework and making it more flexible while maintaining its stability.

Improving work with the OXID platform for our partners

One of OXID eShop’s major assets is its customizability. We kept this quality and even improved it by offering the ability to make it easier to include external code and different standards into the system by supporting proper namespaceing, dependency handling by Composer and providing the foundation for additional standardized dependency injection. This enables us to produce OXID eShop compilations instead of rigid releases.

We switched from MyISAM to InnoDB and unified the database structure of all three shop editions (CE, PE, EE). ADOdb lite has been replaced by Doctrine and the 6.0 is fully PHP7 compatible and „UTF-8“ only. All these changes lead to a noticeable performance boost and increased developer’s flexibility.

Walking new paths: OXID eShop 6.0 will be 100 % decoded! We eliminated encoding completely from our code base. We are putting full trust in our partners and improve their daily work by not having to worry about encoded black boxes anymore.

But there is more. For further changes and improvements please check out our developer channel OXIDforge here!
Daily work for an OXID developer becomes easier by using the OXID VM/SDK, that provides an out-of-the-box development environment including OXID testing library. All three OXID eShop editions (CE, PE, EE) can now be found on GitHub including a proper Git contributions process.

Improving our own speed of innovation

Besides cleaning up processes under the hood we also invested in the infrastructure around the product. We completely renewed our Continuous Integration environment and set up a new Continuous Delivery process that guarantee us many benefits.

What else?

We would be glad to receive your feedback and thank you in advance for your contributions to make the 6.0 a sound application. All technical information like system requirements, installation instructions, changelog, documentation can be found on the OXIDforge developer channel. You can use Git pull requests for your feedback. Check out here! And last but not least, you can write an e-mail directly to our community manager [email protected]



Pierluigi Meloni has always been against it, already at school. At that time he raised the question „why someone would do something for a certain reason“. This topic lasted until today. And that is the reason, why as a software architect and requirement engineer he is still focusing on the „what“.  After working in the most different areas he came to e-commerce three years ago, where the „what“ is really a challenge. Today, Pierluigi is Product Manager at OXID eSales. He also loves good humour.

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