E-Mail Marketing am Valentinstag

Guest article: How to reach both, Valentine’s lovers and haters with Email Marketing on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day all over the world has become an event that goes straight to the hearts of consumers and therefore is a strong sales booster, especially in e-commerce. Gifts are, of course, not the one and only way to express your love for someone. Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day is THE occasion for many people to get their loved ones a special gift to show their affection.

But a day like Valentine’s Day doesn’t arouse romantic feelings, which ideally turn into a spending spree, in everyone. Sure, many people rave at the thought of this special day of celebrating love. But how about all the others? What about Singles and Valentine’s haters who can’t stand this consumption day under the pretense of love?
Now for the good news: There’s a way of successfully reaching this target group through email marketing on Valentine’s Day with a slightly different Valentine’s campaign!

With your Valentine’s campaign, you can also make those happy who would like to crawl away on February 14th or erase Valentine’s Day completely from their calendar.

Valentine's Day at REWE supermarket
Needs your active contribution: shape your Valentine’s day at REWE supermarket

We show you how to reach both your target groups with two very different approaches to your Valentine’s newsletter campaigns.

How to determine your target group

You may already know, who of your subscribers is male or female or what age they are. But who loves Valentine’s Day and who doesn’t?

Use an A/B test to send a Valentine’s announcement with two different subject lines in advance. One for the Valentine’s lovers, one for the haters. Based on the open rates, you can then decide whether you want to focus on the romantic Valentine’s campaign or rather address the singles and Valentine’s haters.

If you don’t know your target group exactly or can’t segment them with a pre-mail, have a look at the open rates from previous Valentine’s campaigns. Then decide whether you want to reach Valentine’s lovers with your campaign or whether you want to swim courageously against the tide this year.

It’s love that counts! Valentine’s Day for lovers

3 romantic campaign ideas for Valentine’s Day:

  • My sweetie-pie! Surprise your customers with chocolate hearts, pink chocolates, macarons in a romantic package that come with every order.
  • Smells like love. For example, offer all pink or red perfume bottles for a Valentine’s Day discount. Or the second Valentine’s Day fragrance at half price. Or lipsticks at irresistible prices for the perfect Valentine’s kiss… you name it!
  • Come dine with me! It doesn’t always have to be a restaurant visit. The last minute gift idea with a print-out-voucher. Offer your subscribers special food product baskets and boxes or coupons for their romantic feast.

3 romantic subject lines that go straight to the heart

  • Sugar-sweet Valentine’s Day gifts at irresistibly low prices!
  • Love is in the air! Get your 2nd Valentine’s fragrance at half price!
  • 20% off all Valentine’s Dinner products for (food) lovers

Result 1: Your email campaigns will definitely go straight to the heart. One can’t buy love, but to give with love is simply wonderful. Support your subscribers to turn their Valentine’s Day into something special!

Valentine's Day flowers ordered by Blume 2000
Classical choice: smells good for Valentine’s Day, delivered by Blume 2000

Buck the trend! Valentine’s Day for Singles and Valentine’s haters

3 campaigns Singles and Valentine’s haters love

  • This is YOUR day! Shower your subscribers with cosmetic and wellness gifts and spoil-yourself tips. From care products, bath additives or massage articles to visiting the sauna – everything is possible that sets your subscribers to a relaxing mood.
  • Buck the trend! Motivate your subscribers to give themselves a treat. True to the motto: Make yourself feel better – get something new. Offer special products at Loveyourself prices.
  • Fed up with the Valentine’s hype? Offer your customers a discount campaign that will make them forget about Valentine’s Day. For example: 15% discount that take your mind off Valentine’s Day. 20 things, that bring joy to your Valentine’s Day. These products help you survive Valentine’s Day.

3 subject lines for Singles and Valentine’s haters

  • Anti-Valentine’s discounts that make your heart skip a beat
  • Valentine’s Day’s bugging you? Then have a good one!
  • Forget about Valentine’s Day – get 20% off your heart’s desire

Result 2: This newsletter campaign will also spark enthusiasm among Singles. Shopping doesn’t make you happy, but it creates beautiful moments of joy and happiness. Especially on a day like Valentine’s Day.

Ready, set, go!
Sweeten your subscribers’ and customers’ Valentine’s Day with a tempting newsletter campaign with irresistible promotion activities and offers.

Right this way to the Cleverreach® newsletter module for OXID eShop!


Morny Russell works in marketing at the email software provider CleverReach® in Rastede, Germany. As a creative text juggler and out-of-the-box-thinker, she writes texts on all aspects of email marketing. Before that, she worked for many years as an author and editor for various TV production companies such as Brainpool TV GmbH in Cologne and Constantin Entertainment in Munich. In her spare time, she is an avowed foodie and passionate instagrammer.

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