Einträge von Roland Fesenmayr

Roadmap 4.7/5.0 released

To carry on the spirit of collaboration with our customers and our community as well as a transparent software development, we have published the Roadmap for OXID eShop 4.7/5.0. This will help developers and partners to plan for changes and upcoming new features that may require changes in their shop architecture. With the upcoming release […]

OXID eShop quality report

 Some days ago we send an internal quality report under confidentiality to our partners. After receiving a lot of requests to be allowed to publish this or parts of, we decided to publish the contents as it is. Yes, that’s right, the original confidential contents.

So what does report mean and how should you interpret this? Lets answer some questions:

News from German Congress „OnLine Handel 2009“

The congress „OnLine Handel 2009“ took place at Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim for the first time from January 21st to 22nd. At this German event, the whole industry got a worthy start into the yet young „eCommerce year“ 2009.
Both days were filled with plenty of new information. The Key message personally for me was, that the e-Retailers are mostly satisfied wit the Christmas salesfigures.

IPC Mainz

Finally having time after my visit to Mainz where I visited the International PHP Conference. The IPC has grown now to 5 days full of interesting sessions, workshops and discussions. It is getting bigger every year.  If you are professionally interested in PHP …