Minor release 4.1.3-19918 of OXID eShop is out now

In this release we have most notably introduced a fallback mechanism for session handling without cookies and made related API changes.

Road map for OXID eShop 4.2.0: Generic international version and more

Currently, the core developer team is already working on version 4.2.0 of the OXID eShop. We are happy to inform you about the main features that will be implemented.

How to extend OXID eShop (Part2)

Welcome back to the workshop on modules for OXID eShop. In this second part of the workshop I‘ll give you more information about the module system and the view concept.

Just launched: OXIDforge, the OXID Community Lab

Yesterday, we published our new website for developers and other community members: OXIDforge – The OXID Community Lab.

Patch 4.1.2-18998 of OXID eShop is released!

As usual, we fixed a lot of bugs (see https://bugs.oxid-esales.com/changelog_page.php) again. and implemented a couple of new stuff.

What probably is especially interesting is the handling of external pictures from now on: No mingeling the code any longer, just a quick entry into the config file – and here we go 🙂

Opening OXID eXchange with introduction phase

Just check it out and get familiar with OXID eXchange! Some hints & tips will show you how to get or add extensions.