Patch 4.1.2-18998 of OXID eShop is released!

As usual, we fixed a lot of bugs (see again. and implemented a couple of new stuff.

What probably is especially interesting is the handling of external pictures from now on: No mingeling the code any longer, just a quick entry into the config file – and here we go 🙂

Opening OXID eXchange with introduction phase

Just check it out and get familiar with OXID eXchange! Some hints & tips will show you how to get or add extensions.

Softengine Frühlingsevent 2009

Last week I spent all of my working hours on the Softengine Roadshow (
We started in Salzburg…

OXID Commons 2009

Get the news, sign up, join the OXID Commons!

Database repair fix for OXID eShop 4.1.0-17976 released

In the last update package, inadvertently an additional line was
placed in update.sql which can cause serious trouble if applied for those who did not want to switch to UTF-8. Thus we prepared another sql file to revert changes which were made by this additional line.

note that this database repair fix is needed only if you already
updated your shop to version 4.1.0 and did NOT want to convert your
database to UTF-8!