OXID eShop on sitepoint.com

Today, an introductory technical article about OXID eShop went live on Sitepoint, explaining the first step in setting up your own online shop.

Cooking with OXID

finally, I wrapped myself and started blogging.

From now on and in a loose order, I am going to talk a bit about anecdotes, stories, experience, unbelievable occurrences or just simple visits of my OXID clients. April 1st is probably the right date for it 🙂

Finally: celebrating OXID eShop

Like every working day we yesterday begun with stand up meeting where we talk about progress, issues we detected while working and what everybody is planning to do during the day. It’s called stand up meeting because we stand up. Really! This keeps the meeting in a natural way short as it’s pretty inconvenient. Everybody is really forced to tell the most important information. This team meeting takes usually 10 minutes, sometimes 15.

OXID eShop 4.1.0 will be released April 8th

Yesterday we double checked left over tasks and agreed on the release date for OXID eShop 4.1.0. It’s scheduled for April 8th and as usual this is a Wednesday. The highlights of 4.1.0….

Working on OXID eShop 4.1.0

After a pretty long absence, arrived in Lithuania to work again with our eShop team. Last time I spent some time here before we released OXID eShop v4. So we all together still have to celebrate v4 :). We don’t know yet where to go and what to do and will decide tomorrow.

Webshops going mobile at last?

It’s been a while since people were actually discussing mCommerce as a true hype and latest trend in digital media. Yet slowly but surely the use of mobile devices and services grew more and more intense and today, as the mobile internet is quite popular, almost everybody involved in digital business has at least heard of mobile commerce.