live presentation for OXID eShop and OXID eFire starts again

Hello everybody,

we are happy to inform you that as from December, 2nd on we will offer our live presentations for OXID eShop and OXID eFire again on a weekly basis.

But what does live presentation mean?

This type of presentation allows explaining our products by phone and parallel on screen. As an exceptional feature, we can make the presentation available for many customers at the same time, so a multiplications of cognitions is for sure.

IPC Mainz

Finally having time after my visit to Mainz where I visited the International PHP Conference. The IPC has grown now to 5 days full of interesting sessions, workshops and discussions. It is getting bigger every year.  If you are professionally interested in PHP …

eSeller Camp 2008

Hello everyone. My name is Claudia Reuter and I am Account Manager in OXID’s sales team. Last weekend I spent on Mallorca (Spain) to join the eSeller Camp.


The eSeller Camp is an open branch meeting for online marketeers and those who want to become part of them. In it not only strategic e-commerce companies take part, but also internet sellers do. For the participants it is a combination of recovering, combined with learning and speeches in a very special place.

Reorganizing support

We are currently in the process of optimizing our support services. Let me share with you what we are currently up to.

How You Will Benefit from OXID Going Open Source

When I first heard at internal meetings that OXID will go open source, it took me about three days to roughly realize, what actually it means to my company and to the whole open source eCommerce world out there.

OXID at PHP Conference 2008

Back from the PHP Conference 2008 I would like to share some impressions with you. For me as a non-developer it’s always quite impressive.Not only the relaxed and concentrated atmosphere there, but also the concentration of interesting people from the PHP world, old friends and also new contacts.