Opening OXID eXchange with introduction phase

Dear OXID shop owners, community developers and partners,

for some weeks, during the preview phase, many of you already had a look behind the curtains of OXID eXchange to test and get familiar with the platform. Many thanks at this point for your valueable feedback and your ideas, which we will use for some optimization and fine tuning! Please keep that great feedback coming!

For those, who didn’t yet participate during the preview phase, here are some words on our newest idea: OXID eXchange is a new platform where you can download or purchase modules, themes and language packs to extend core OXID eShop functionality. You can browse commercial and community extensions or add one yourself. Test it out at

No commission until June 30th 2009:
During the introduction phase will no provision be charged for revenues of your commercial extensions. Thereafter, the price list applies.

Looking forward to find your extensions on our OXID eXchange!

Kind regards


Some hints how to add your own extensions

Enlargement of profile as extension provider
A provider profile has to be created one-time to add extensions. The profile is shown with all extensions offered by you.

Extension description
You have the possibility to describe your extension significantly and add image files e.g. screenshots. In addition every extension gets a product image that is shown on the list and in the detail view.

Multilingualism of OXID eXchange
Each extension is only available in one language version. This means that you have to edit and update only one dataset.
To do justice to the international community it is recommended to offer always an English description and further text blocks in other languages underneath if required.
The user interface of OXID eXchange is offered in English and German like the OXID website.

Extension variants
You have the possibility to add different variants of your extensions for the particular OXID eShop products (EE, PE, CE).
You may decide on the terms of use and terms of licence for your extensions in your own discretion but with regards to the OXID eSales GPL v3 FAQ ( The choice and contents of your terms of use and terms of licence lie solely and exclusively within you.
Furthermore extensions can be marked as stable, beta or alpha.

Purchase or download of extensions
The purchase or download of extensions is processed via OXID eXchange.
A ZIP file has to be provided for download of each version.
That ZIP file contains all necessary source code files as well as further help documents and your general terms and conditions or terms of licence for the extension.

Accounting and provisioning
The billing and the downstream debitor management and dunning will be processed comfortably via the platform by OXID eSales.
During the introduction phase will no provision be charged for revenues of your commercial extensions. Thereafter, the price list applies.
The credit is transferred to your bonus account, which has to be edited in your profile.

Customer reviews
The OXID users have the possibility to review all extensions one-time (5 star ranking) and write comments.