The whole kit and caboodle: OXID Developer VM available as a unified development environment

Today we reach out to inform you that we proudly published OXID Developer VM. This Vagrant/Ansible based virtual machine setup comes along with a stack of scripts and configuration files that will let you set up a virtual machine including the most important SDK elements (formerly scattered in some different places) plus our Testing Library within minutes. Our aim was to create an easy to set up, consistent and standardized development environment for all developers to work with OXID eShop, SDK and tests.

Out of the box, a virtual machine with the following components will be installed:

  • LAMP stack (PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty, LTS, server edition). The Ubuntu version can be changed by defining a different base box name for Vagrant.
  • Xdebug extension is installed and enabled
  • Zend Guard Loader compatible
  • Composer is pre-installed globally
  • Varnish (frontend caching, for OXID eShop Enterprise packages including the performance option, available for easy installation just by switching it on)
  • Selenium
  • latest OXID eShop CE code base from GitHub (it is also possible to just place your own existing OXID eShop package)
  • OXID SDK components: Testing Library, OXID Module Skeleton Generator, OXID Module Certification Tools

Oracle VirtualBox can be used as a safe multi-platform solution to build up the development environment for all major operating systems, but keep in mind that there are also platform specific solutions (e.g. Parallels for OS X or LXC for GNU/Linux) which allow to get almost 1:1 performance compared to the host or even to not use the para-virtualization at all (usage of containers).
We are aware of synchronization (folder sharing) problems by using the solution on Windows; this is an issue we’re still working on to resolve.
Currently we do not provide integration examples with VMWare Fusion/Workstation but it could be provided in case there will be an interest/request from the users.

Please check out the README file on GitHub for learning to install and work with OXID Developer VM:

Future plans for the development environment includes (but is not limited to):

  • ability to use OXID developer VM on Windows without synchronization/sharing problems
  • ability to switch the PHP version
  • include a tool to work with SQL DB (Adminer/PHPMyAdmin)
  • include a tool to work with e-mails (MailCatcher/MailHog)

The OXID Developer VM is licensed under the terms of the LGPL. This means you may fork and help improving it with pull requests and issues, or even use it for any other (PHP) project. Looking forward to hear your success stories!

Oh by the way: you’re intrigued to know how to get this development environment productive, how to connect it to your IDE, how to test your own modules with the latest shop versions? There will be workshops during the upcoming Partner Day on October 29th. Stay tuned for more information!

EdvinasAleksejonokasEdvinas Aleksejonokas, works as a Software Developer at OXID eSales AG since 2014. He started to gain interest in programming languages and programming in general since he was 10 years old. Just after finishing high-school he became a computer science teacher for up to 5 years. He dedicated his recent 4 years for professional web development.

OXID eShop Enterprise and Professional Edition ready to use with PHP 5.5 + 5.6

As you might know, parts of the core code of our commercial products OXID eShop Enterprise and Professional Edition are encrypted using the application Zend Guard. Technically, this encryption is embedded in our continuous integration process that at least runs every time we prepare a new OXID eShop release. With the existing Zend Guard v6 we could support the encryption for PHP versions 5.3 and 5.4 so far; an encryption for higher PHP versions wasn’t possible with this version of Zend Guard.

However, PHP 5.3 has reached his end of lifetime in summer last year, and PHP 5.4’s EOL will follow shortly (although I am afraid both series will be used by most of the hosting providers much longer…) That’s why we got a lot of requests by integration partners and clients to support the present PHP versions, and finally, on 1st of April in this year (no folly!), Zend came up with Zend Guard version 7, ready to encrypt files for use with PHP 5.5 and 5.6.

We immediately embedded Zend Guard version 7 for PHP 5.5 and 5.6 into our continuous integration process during one of the last sprints, and theoretically were able to deliver from OXID eShop versions 5.2.4 (Enterprise) and 4.9.4 (Professional) on.

Alone, we didn’t have a chance to test extensively. So if you need to have an OXID eShop version Enterprise or Professional Edition prepared for use with PHP 5.5 or 5.6 at the moment, please turn to our support team that will be happy to send the requested files. Any response is very welcome, just call it a beta phase if you want 😉

Just a hint, if you as a coder of OXID extensions make use of Zend Guard and face the same issue: Zend Guard version 7 accepts the serial number of the former version 6. Unfortunately, it is not downwards compatible; so if you want to encrypt your modules for use with PHP 5.5 and 5.6, please use Zend Guard 7. For extensions for use with PHP 5.3 and 5.4, Zend Guard version 6 is fine.


florian_auer_square_200x200swFlorian Auer is Product Owner at OXID eSales AG. Since 2003 he is working in the area of web development and professional services, and can look back on a wide range of experience in this field – from software engineering to project management. Follow him on Twitter (oxid_florian) to get notified about product updates and interesting facts about the e-commerce world.

Modern, benutzerfreundlich, schnell: 5 Highlights des neuen OXID eXchange

Mit mehreren hundert Produkten in über 30 Kategorien ist OXID eXchange der größte zertifizierte Marktplatz für OXID eShop Extensions. Hier finden Shopbetreiber eine vielfältige Palette an Modulen für alle OXID eShop Editionen.

Für Softwareanbieter ist OXID eXchange die perfekte Möglichkeit, um Eigenentwicklungen einer breiten Zielgruppe zugänglich zu machen und die Reichweite weiter zu erhöhen. Um Kunden ein angenehmeres Einkaufserlebnis zu bieten und das Bereitstellen eigener Extensions für Anbieter zu erleichtern, verbessern wir kontinuierlich unseren Marktplatz. Die wichtigsten Veränderungen möchten wir Ihnen hier vorstellen:

eXchange_Startseite1. Modernes Frontend
Neueste Produkte, zertifizierte und beliebteste Extensions sowie wichtige Informationen rund um OXID eXchange sind auf den ersten Blick auf der Startseite sichtbar.
Zudem wurden das Kategorie-Menü und die Informationsseiten rund um OXID eXchange zentraler platziert. So sind alle wichtigen Informationen stets verfügbar.

2. Übersichtliche Navigation
Finden Sie passende Extensions gezielt in den neu strukturierten Shop-Kategorien.
Verschiedene Filter innerhalb der Kategorien vereinfachen die Suche und führen schneller zum gewünschten Produkt.

Kategorie_Filter3. Anbieter-Seiten
Suchen Sie Extensions eines bestimmten Anbieters oder möchten Sie als Anbieter den Kunden einen Überblick über alle Ihre Extensions verschaffen? Mit der Anbieterübersicht ist dies nun möglich.

4. Schneller Upload
Gute Nachrichten für eXchange-Anbieter: Über das aktualisierte Anbieter-Backend laden Sie Ihre Extensions auf OXID eXchange in nur noch zwei Schritten hoch. Dank der Vorschau können Sie jederzeit alle Informationen ansehen und anpassen. Eine perfekte Gestaltung Ihrer Produkte ist mit den umfangreichen Beschreibungstexten, Screenshots und zusätzlichen Informationen im Anhang möglich.
Extension_hochladenUm Kunden zu helfen, Ihre Extensions schneller zu finden, wählen Sie bis zu zwei passende Kategorien aus und geben Sie geeignete Tags in Deutsch und Englisch ein.

5. Neue Bezahlmöglichkeiten
Auch für Kunden gibt es Neuigkeiten: Um die Bezahlung kostenpflichtiger Extensions zu vereinfachen, haben wir unsere Zahloptionen erweitert: Ab sofort können Sie per PayPal, Kreditkarte oder Lastschrift zahlen.

Weitere Informationen zu OXID eXchange sowie zur Entwicklung und Zertifizierung von Modulen:
Informationen für eXchange-Anbieter
Informationen für Käufer
Informationen zur Modulzertifizierung

Bei Fragen, Anregungen und Problemen wenden Sie sich per E-Mail an unser OXID eXchange Team.

Bild_NYNatalia Yakovleva ist seit 2012 bei der OXID eSales AG tätig und verantwortet als Mitglied der Professional Services Team die Weiterentwicklung des Marktplatzes OXID eXchange. Sie verfügt neben einem Diplom im internationalen Marketing über einen Master-Abschluss in Betriebswirtschaft.

Recap: OXID Commons 2013

Honestly? From my gut I feel that this OXID Commons event in 2013 was the best we’ve had so far, and that obviously knocked it out of the ballpark for both days, OXID Commons conference and trade fair on 16th as well as OXID unconference on the next day, May 17th.

To give you some numbers: we had at about 800 face-to-face visitors, 500 on-line stream viewers and approximately 50 exhibitors.

Roland OXID Keynote at OXID Commons 2013

The first day of course was packed with currently discussed e-commerce topics: multi-channel (AKA omni-channel), high load scenarios, for example TV commercial peaks, mobile commerce, B2B sales, and strategic points of internationalization. Interesting enough, isn’t it. At the end of the conference day, OXID awarded the GOLDEN CART again, what a thrill! For those who have missed it, there’s a a review of OXID Commons 2013 available, including links to the slide show, videos and blog post from 3rd parties at

On the next day, OXID unconference was held in the Solar Info Center Freiburg. We welcomed nearly 100 developers and talked very tech in two channels about the top topics in e-commerce today like responsive design, Apache Solr, performance, GitHub etc.

OXID unconference

Talking about GitHub: for me personally it was a really big step in community development (my responsibility) when Roland announced in his keynote that “… we will go live on GitHub right … now!” and somebody else pushed the button to make the repository public. Since that point developers started forking OXID eShop on GitHub, and we could already merge some very useful contributions.

We’d like to thank everybody for your visits, your support and your really pleasant discussions with us. As always: after OXID Commons is before OXID Commons – looking forward to seeing you in the next year! By the way, you don’t have to starve in the meantime: maybe you’re interested in visiting one of the OXID Usergroup meet-ups either in Essen, in Berlin or (hopefully soon) in Munich.

Only 2 Days Left Until the First eCommerceCamp

logo ecommerce campAlready nearly upon us, the first German eCommerceCamp will take place in Jena on the forthcoming weekend, from March 15th to 17th, bringing together developers and integration providers of open source shopping cart systems. The intention of the organizers is to provide a platform for the informal exchange of know-how and experience. The event will be held in a barcamp style: the topics will be decided by attendees themselves at the very beginning.

There are still some tickets available that you can purchase from the organizer’s website. But you have to hurry up: the ticket sales will close really soon, in fact already tomorrow, Thursday, March 14th.

By the way: OXID eSales proudly sponsors this first German platform overlapping event as a “coffein sponsor”. Enjoy your hot beverage 🙂

OXID User Group North Rhine-Westphalia About to be Established

On Friday, June 8th, from 4 PM on, the OXID user group North Rhine-Westphalia will be established at Unperfekthaus in Essen.

Christian Lehmann and Stefan Koshold from our partner agency Unit M GmbH, who organized this first meet-up, have the following aims and topics in mind:

  • exchange on a developer level (beta versions, modules, customizing etc.)
  • exchange on a partner level (competencies, collaboration, common activities etc.)
  • organization of informational events around OXID and/or OXID projects

Also, of course, other topics and ideas can be submitted at the meet-up on Friday, June 8th. The entry fee is 6,50 EUR (incl. WiFi, room rental and beverages), registration is required.

Look forward to seeing you there!

P.S.: In Unperfekthaus, try to find room 404 😉

OXID Commons 2012 Coming Soon!

OXID Commons 2012

The fourth-annual community day and ecommerce conference will be held at the Trade Fair in Freiburg (Breisgau), Germany on May 24th and 25th offering a great opportunity to meet online merchants, agencies, developers, service providers and of course, the OXID staff 🙂

Thank you all for the many presentation submissions. Many of them were accepted and promise an entertaining schedule, packed with specialist talks on all the colorful topics we have surrounding e-commerce. The schedule for OXID Commons 2012 is presently about to be put together and will be published on our website as soon as possible.

Our thanks also goes to more than 40 exhibitors and sponsors for empowering this day. You can personally contact most of them and other service providers at their stands in the trade fair area – the entry for visitors is free.

For the first time we promise the OXID Best Solution Award in five distinguished categories. Shop owners as well as partner agencies could take part and we received many submissions for it. Not an easy choice for the poor guys in the jury 😉

There will be a Get Together in the evening where you can recap the day and do some networking.

Already over 500 people registered for OXID Commons, not too many tickets left. Hurry up and still be able to get your ticket today!

Please also don’t miss out by not participating in OXID Unconference for developers on May 25th. OXID Unconference is entirely free but requires pre-registration by adding yourself to the list of attendees.

See you at OXID Commons 2012!

OXID eShop: Update Cycles and Maintenance Releases

In a couple of weeks we will release OXID eShop version 4.6.0. Thanks to our proven Open Source development and beta testing process this release will be in time and built to highest quality standards.

However, starting with the release of version 4.6.0 we will introduce some slight changes in the update cycles. This will make the update process easier and clearer for everybody. We will also expand our maintenance activities for previous versions of OXID eShop.


There will be three different kinds of releases:

  • Major releases: Upgrades OXID eShop to a new version number, e.g. 4.0 or 5.0
  • Minor releases: Updates the current major release, e.g. 4.6 or 5.1
  • Patch: Indicates the stage of development for current minor release, e.g. 4.6.1 or 4.5.8


As with previous version of OXID eShop you will continue to get a monthly patch that fixes known bugs for the current minor release. Extending our maintenance activities, from now on we will also supply patches for the previous version (X.X-1). But patches for previous versions will be released only when needed and not a regular basis. They will not contain any new or additional features.

As usual, you will have two possibilities to update: You can either download the full release or you can generate a cumulative package. Just pick your current version and you will get one package that will automatically do a complete update to the newest version of OXID eShop for you.

Keep your system up to date

Every release will be compatible with PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3.

For optimal functionality of OXID eShop and its extensions we recommend regular updates and always using the latest versions. We also recommend working with a test and staging system at all times.

Update cycles

The next major release will be 5.0, coming this summer. About a quarter of a year later we will supply you with the first minor release 5.1.

For the upcoming major releases we aim to get them out around the beginning of each year. The first minor release will follow early in the year, so our customers have enough time to update their shops and go into the Christmas trade with a smoothly running OXID eShop.

OXID Contributor Agreement

A few days ago, we published a new document on OXIDforge: the OXID Contributor Agreement or OXID-CA. In this blog post, I’d like to discuss the purpose of this document and our reasons for publishing it.

What is this document for?

This document governs your contributions to the OXID eShop codebase. It is a document that outlines the principles that cover your contributions and how OXID eSales will handle these contributions. These contributions might include new functionality that you contribute and that makes sense to integrate into the default installation of OXID eShop. It might also include bugs that you fix as a developer, or enhancements that you make to the code.

Why does OXID want me to sign a cumbersome form?

The business concept of OXID eSales is the so-called „dual licensing model“. Under this model, we offer different editions of OXID eShop under different licenses. However, all editions of OXID eShop are developed in one branch. This means that if you contribute your code for OXID eShop Community Edition, your code will also be used in OXID eShop Professional Edition and OXID eShop Enterprise Edition. By signing the Contributor Agreement, you simply declare that you accept this modus operandi.

By signing this agreement, what rights am I giving up?

When you agree to the OXID-CA, you grant OXID eSales AG joint ownership to your contributions. You retain all rights, title, and interest in your contributions and may use them for any purpose you wish. However, because the ownership is now shared, you lose the ability to *exclusively* license your copyright on your contributions to others.

Does the OXID-CA conform to generally accepted practices for community

Yes, it does. It is based on the Oracle Contributor Agreement. Many other open-source communities and projects have contributor agreements, including the Free Software Foundation, the Apache Software Foundation, and the Eclipse Foundation.

What benefit do I gain?

On the community front, the OXID-CA allows OXID eSales AG to act as stewards of the OXID codebase and supporting materials, holding copyright on these resources on behalf of the OXID eShop community. In other words, once your contribution is taken over into the default installation, OXID’s core developers will be responsible for future maintenance.

However, this doesn’t mean that your contribution will not be recognized. All OXID project participants receive credit for their contributions, even if their contributions are rewritten or removed, on a special contributor’s list.

How do I get started?

There’s a wiki page on OXIDforge that leads you to the OXID Contributor Agreement and to the accompanying FAQ pages. Please read the FAQ carefully and make sure you understand every single point. If you’re happy with the agreement, fill up the form and send it to [email protected]

We’d be glad if you contribute PHP unit tests along with your code.

Inviting OXID Developers to Local Meet-ups

In the German forums, we’ve been thinking about organizing developer meet-ups in some of the most active German cities for a while. These meet-ups are intended to address all developers working with (or planning to start working with) OXID eShop. They provide an opportunity for attendees to introduce their current interesting projects, get to know each other, and share ideas and experience. Attendees may also find common links for collaboration in certain projects.

Our first OXID developer group meeting will be on Friday, March 11th 2011 at the Geyserhaus e.V. in Leipzig. All are welcome to join. For this initial event, I was also able to persuade Christian Zacharias to hold a half-day OXID eShop training starting at 12 AM, followed by the proper meeting in the evening. Needless to say, I’ll also be there, as this event will give me a chance to answer your OXID questions, and to note your valuable input. The event is free of charge, so if you’re in or around Leipzig on that date, don’t hesitate to register yourself in the OXIDforge wiki. 

Later this year, similar events will happen in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Cologne. We’re looking for volunteers to organize them (come on, it’s simple!), so feel free to start your own wiki pages to get things rolling. OXID partners, send your developers as well!