Watch a Video Timeline of OXID eShop Development

Yes, we are crazy geeks and we like to do stupid but funny stuff 🙂

Have you heard of a project called Gource? This great piece of software visualizes the evolution of a software project by showing source code changes over a specified time frame in a video.

When we heard about it, we naturally thought of trying it out with our new OXID SVN. Here’s the result: a video showing OXID eShop trunk changes, beginning from the time we switched over to our new SVN server. The files we worked on are displayed as dots in different colors, clustered by directories. The lines and junctions between them represent the directory paths and their relationships. The „explosions“ seem to be big commits.

It’s even better if you add some music to it. We’re using Dark Highway (Midi Man), which is available for free, so go ahead and download it to your iPod if you like it!

Now, all that’s left is some popcorn…